Attorney Jennifer Messado on additional fraud charges

The police are reporting that another criminal charge has been laid against prominent attorney-at-law Jennifer Messado in relation to a separate case of fraud.

This arrest comes just two weeks after she was arrested following allegations that she tried to sell properties owned by a church without the owner’s consent.
Messado was again arrested today and charged with uttering a forged documents and attempting to obtain money by means of forged documents.

Lawmen said she was offered bail in the sum of $100,000 and is return to court June 1.

Assistant Commissioner of Police and head of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Branch Fitz Bailey at the time of the first arrest disclosed that the well-known real estate attorney was under investigation in relation to at least seven other real estate transactions, however he was unable to provide details about those allegations.


  1. I told you guys that there are many more cases to come. She has been doing this from as far back as the 1980s. They are about 7 cases they are looking at, but don’t be surprised if more individuals come out of the wood works to finger her in other fraudulent real estate transaction.

  2. @12:10 pm.. no boo it’s way more than 7. She too wicked. I know right now in the USA she rob big time.

  3. Dem could lock har up till god come Messado nah cry bout it. People forge documents and go to Messado wid dem. Drug dealers who can’t prove dem earnings nah no talk. TeamMessado *halo*

    1. Somebody mi knw personally and all her Family. She nuh hav nuh more talk, greed and power trip catching up to her. Cant run from Karma

    2. You have a propensity to make these rather bold pronouncements/declarations, as if you know what you are talking about, yet you have no clue whatsoever as to the background of these charges. The latest charges came about because she presented documents to a “prominent financial institution in the Corporate Area” that she was authorized to transact business on behalf two individuals (these two people denied giving her such an authorization). Now tell me, who would forged such a document but Messado. Why continue to give the readers of your comments the misleading impression that you have inside information to the contrary, when you don’t know shit! Hey midget, give it up, you are dense….cease and desist going forward or I will be forced to call you out again for your complete lack of knowledge on the subject being discussed.

    3. You’re a hypocrite, the way u can gwaan like the Jamaican law a gospel. Never know u would condone such slackness. But you’re just another hungry belly police on her ticket

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