Dear Met,

I for one accept and agree that everyone is well entitled to make a living via legitimate means so let me declare that before I’m misunderstood. ‎The thing is I pass by Tommy britelite funeral parlour base downtown and got to thinking! Out of all the professions by which to make a honest bread,the most despicable one by far must be a funeral director.

Think abt it Met,they make their living hoping and praying that ppl die,the more the better and so it hardly matters how they Die via sickness or a bullet so long as they Die.Now how frigg up and sheg up is that?? I’m addressing Tommy becuz I’ve heard he is a good yute and one who you can reason with so herego my message. Why with all the crime and violence in Jamaica you ain’t never seen or heard funeral home ppl protesting/placarding that too much ppl a Dead??Tommy can you plz encourage the ghetto yutes to puddung the gun and stop killing off them one anneda?

I know it means less profit for you and you are a businessman but it is just that we know ghetto yutes particularly in south and west Kingston rate yuh so maybe they will tek talk from u boss.I look forward to a better Jamaica as evidenced when funeral directors will protest and call for an end to the senseless killings!


  1. sender blame those stupid people who believe that a lavish funeral with gucci or LV casket or burying the dead in burburry suit and versace sunglasses with mercedes or rolls royce hearse sooth the soul, rectify the problem and atone the dead with the maker come judgment day, also blame the government for issuing license and permits to some of those nafarious and crooked funeral establishments.

  2. Senda, yuh nuh easy! A nuh de Funeral Director dem fault if crime is a part of daily living in Jamaica. The Funeral Director is there to his/her job in the community (no different than a Teacher, or a Nurse, etc). So, a nuh fe dem fault dat de people dem a kill off each adda like mosquito. Come on now!

  3. Sends I hear what you’re saying but yoibhave to remember funeral parlour must make money. They provide a valuable service to communities and it’s a business that must prosper. Without them out communities will suffer from deplorable conditions. The dead will be buried anywhere. Leading to soil and water contamination. Let’s not even mention disease.
    Then you have the reality that everyone will who is alive will eventually die. They have no control over when, where or why. Their job is one that requires skill, discretion and courage. I dinr know about you but I could never do it. It takes very special people to perform this task or their would be a lot of hurry come up parlour dotting the our communities without any concern for the living or their decrease. So I think it’s unfair to go in so hard and demanding that they do more than is already being done. It is the job of gov’t, policy advisers and community involvement that will lower the body count especially in the inner cities like kingston. Clearly as you yourself observe the funeral homes are busy and somebody has to take care of the dead.

  4. i understand what he is trying to say he is saying the youths them look up to him and he can make a change now it would be easier he talk to them than allowing then to kill each other, he will always get business ppl die every day but it is not easy fi a mom that her child was caught in cross fire and die because he/she coming home from school or work. yes him haffi mek him money yes but at the end of the day innocent ppl a get caught up inna it too!!!!!!
    so if he can make an impact on than i think he should that nah go stop him from mek money look how much ppl sick and dead crash and dead a no gun alone a kill ppl.

  5. Senda yuh need if chill :ngakak Wha mek yuh a try slow dung Tommy progress? If ghetto yute nuh waan stop sling gun, dem Tommy will always be needed. Ah suh di ting set.

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