Showa Chris aka informa liar bwoy you think the ppl dem ah Fool bout yah walk and tell ppl seh punky ah yuh cousin when we done know you ah slap har she a big time whore u & she a nuh family u n har sister dem ah family morning noon and night ah di 2 ah unno ah gah hotel uptown n dung town!! Can’t fool mi and she ah liar too that’s why the Canadian man leFf har


10 thoughts on “MESSAGE TO SHOWA CHRIS

  1. Nothing new, all a one link do this, claim the woman dem as dem sister or family or worker. This crew is one piece a joke from the head come all the way down. Next!

  2. Met can somebody send in this one link crew who are these people lmao like seriously? Who does this crew consist of dwl

  3. No cousin nuhtin!!! How comes a she alone as family a get such much flex? All pan snap shi nuh stop blush!! Him like er doe, u can seet!! But u can see sey a di flex shi love!! Sends leave di ppl Dem doe mek Dem live!!

  4. The man a canada lef har or wat? She still a tek shizle r wat, dem gyal ya a d best punki a one real idiot , tek anyting fi look hot,

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