U know wah mi can’t tek with this dutty batty bwoy .every minute him class up the gyal him did deh with and a call her idiot gyal n how him never want her a use him did a use her now tell me now this dutty bwoy chat pon phone with mi almost everyday bout u want mi if u can style the gyal Suh wah u would’ve do to mi fuggy ..stop kotch a di dyke yard ..every minute yuh deh pon snap a gwan with a bag a things n u broke like dutty dog shit u need fi grow up stop call mi phone batty bwoy


6 thoughts on “MESSAGE TUH FUGGY AGEN?

  1. Dutty bloodclaat fuggy since u want style mi n a call up mi name to a gyal here this now .stop call up mi name we been left fi months now seems to mi like years the way idgaf wen mi meet u u never have shit a bounce from house to house yea ..n mi same one help u out mek sure u eat n clothes pon back a mi same one teach u how fi drive u video u have pon snap wah u did put up wen u a promote the stings partya my rent money mi did tek off that night n u tek video like a fi u money..the blue Balenciaga shoe u got on a my money buy it the pic up pon the left wen uhave on all white n the bblack n gold shoes a my money buy it to fuggy how many time u call mi phone n a tell mi seh u hungry n mi drive go bk go mek sure u eat .fuggy a who carry u go JFK mek u go pon interview n mi sit outside a wait fi how much hours fi u cus u phone did off u never pay di phone bill tell people the good mi do fi n stop call up mi name bout mi a idiot gyal .member a di same I do it gyal u did live with for 8 months rent free member a the same idiot gyal tek care a u Suh stop call up mi name member where u a come from fuggy ..don’tever bite the hands that feed yuh ..true u get the job a JFK u feel like u a somebody u still ain’t nobody .I wasn’tgonna say shit but for this nigga fi a style mi with bitches tthat’s hurtn disrepectful ..SUCK OUT YUH MADDA PUSSY FUGGY N LOWE MI ALONE

    1. A when since man tun pension?? Why unno feel di need fi invest inna man dem way deh? Dat is not love…it name self hatred. If ah di fus nuh do it again, and if ah regular den when yuh plan fi stop? Unno bring new meaning tuh man mascot :ngakak

  2. Tash a you send in this so don’t come look a hype true the youth Nuh want you or ur money Nuh more that’s why u a style him up girl bye

  3. Tasha your a nobody just another bitch seeking attention bitch now i see why the man take him pickney u busy a bost bout what you buy man your pickney ever wear a balenciaga you should a bloodclatt shame go take your money n put it to good use and stop try bring down the little youth you suppose to mine him cuz a cocky yuh did a run down so dont come chat what you give from what you never give cuz yuh know him condition before yuh pick him up so whatever you get in return you deserve it me go on yuh page yuh nuh look bad better man out deh go look a big man n leave out them pissa bed young boy yah and that mistress that you confide him its a pity you dont know bout you post up she is the realest who she nuh chat a who nuh born yet you nuh see fi r married life mash up i rest my case

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