I just buck up on this page, somebody mention it pon mi FB, so you know, true mi fass, mi go check it out!

Well this page is for, ofcourse, homewreckers! So you can search by ‘state’ so mi put in NY & see this post bout this ‘Jamaican homewrecker’

So me waan know if any of the Metter’s know her cuz not even the Feds can dash out people file like the Metter’s dem! DWL!

This miserable self-centered homewrecking character thought that she was going to destroy my family by being my husband’s douche bag. This unhappy individual made up in her mind that she was going to be with my husband even though she knew he is married with children and living at home. I am not saying that my husband is innocent in this situation at all, but when their affair was discovered by me, my husband felt so remorseful and immediately apologized and literally begged crying on bended knees to stay with his family and begged me not to leave him. Even though he did all of that, I still fought with him and put him out of the house because I was so angry and felt betrayed. My husband and I grew up together and we were so in love with each other and never had any infidelity problem in our union for over 20 years until now. We always did whatever needed to be done to keep our family close and our children safe.
I always felt proud to say that with my husband’s work ethics and love for his family he would never make his family suffer he would always make sure that we have a home. Nevertheless, in life things can change and we were not able to spend quality time intimately like we use to due to my change in work schedules. I felt really bad many times when my husband would ask for us to make love and most of the time I use to decline because either I was extremely tired and exhausted from a busy day of work or school. Sometimes my husband used to get angry and would make little remarks like I don’t want to go outside to anyone to have sex, but if “You keep telling me no, you will be forcing me to get sex outside and I don’t want too.” However, I would listen to his little sarcasms and never thought that he would have actually acted on it. Anyway, like I said before when he got discovered being with this douche bag Candice he told me that he let her know that he was married and do you know this miserable homewrecker did not care and told my husband “I might make you leave your wife after you get my good sex.”
How can a woman with a daughter be so low and have no self-respect. My husband said that he didn’t even listen to that because he was never going to leave me and our children; his heart was always at home. If he could get free sex without commitment his manhood took over his better judgment, which is still wrong for him to even go there with that dirt bag. Do you know that pitiful home wrecker started catching feelings for my husband and my husband told me that she has Lupus and she used to teach him how to inject her with iron medication, also wanting to invest money for him because she does investment, plus telling him that she was stabbed and robbed before that’s why she would like to have a man’s companionship since she lives alone with her daughter. Then, she would be emailing him inappropriate photos. She was trying so hard to gain sympathy and affection thinking that she can take my husband away from his family because she maybe saw that my husband is a caring person. Instead, my husband said he feels bad that he did it, but she was just sex to him and that’s all. He would tell her whatever he thought that would make her happy to just keep her there for sex because I was not giving him sex at home. Then, when I put my husband out of the house for his infidelity, do you know this dirt bag was trying to get my husband to stay with her and even lying that she is pregnant. What a pitiful tramp, she was trying everything to be with my husband. My husband said that he told her he knows she’s lying about pregnancy and there’s nothing that will take him away from his wife and children plus he regrets even meeting her.
Anyway, my husband begged for forgiveness asked to come back home the next day to be with his family. It took a lot for me to forgive him, but I forgave him and we are working everyday on putting this behind us. This situation made us even closer than before. Also, I made sure he went and get tested for every STDs and HIV. We are communicating a lot more with positive resolutions. So Candice, you really tried hard for my husband, but you should have used that time and energy on a single man, it might have been a better outcome for you. When you learned that he was a married man, a decent woman would have walked away. All I can say to you is that “You are a foolish, pitiful, wannabe homewrecking tramp.” You made your bed so lie in it. All married women in Brooklyn, New York look out for this Jamaican home wrecker named CANDICE BROWN aka CANDICE BROWN-MANN.

35 thoughts on “METTIGATORS…..UNOO KNOW HAR?

  1. Like seriously, it’s 2014! Nobody cares about your home and your feelings, that’s your husband’s job and if he doesn’t care, how dare you think a stranger will?
    No other woman owes you anything, not respect, not concern, not a damn thing so stop labeling women as home wreckers unless they broke in and rape your husband.
    Of course the husband came back crying and apologizing. That’s the text book play and it’s never sincere.
    Just because you’re working it out now doesn’t mean he is a reformed cheater. Chances are, he absolutely will again especially since you took him back.

    And chances are your husband didn’t tell her he was married. He probably told her you were a roommate. You have no idea what your husband was telling, offering or promising this or any other woman but what you do know of a fact is, he’s a liar and a cheat yet you choose to berated the other woman. The problem lies in your bed and in your bed only.

    Stop blaming other women and place the blame where it belongs. On the cheating ass man that disrespected you.

    1. Nicely said. She forgives her husband who started the whole situation with Candace but won’t forgive Candace. He’s gonna cheat again talking about a day later you let him back home.

  2. Morning everyone mi say when mi read it earlier mi say meck mi wait likkle before mi answer this jezebel WHERE IS UR HUSBANDS PICHO Y IS IT NOT POSTED TO REVEAL HIM FOR THE LIAR N CHEAT THAT HE IS ???
    A know u want know u competition meck u come post the girl picho n post n u so dumb u a quote word by word things ur shitband say di girl say if he didn’t encourage the girl u wouldn’t be having this issue now. You claim u n the liaad cheating man working out unnu marriage so leave di girl alone man kmft

    1. Good morning di husband vagina big like …what a way him carry candice name to di wife doe and di wife so fool before she go sex har man she a cuss candice..they are pathetic pan di homewrecker site I tell u

      1. Met I don’t get it y this woman believe anything whey him say bout this relationship is beyond me cause this is when him did a fuxx pon u so y him ago tell u the truth miss lady low di woman u hear n go sex u man.

      2. Candice is not your problem you are, a home wrecker actually take the man so did she take him from you after 20 years because a so it sound to me, or lese you wouldnt be so angry after the fact.


      3. Met mi a read and a say how d wife know suh much amaaama man dat a bet Candice know bout she too,n if Candice a teach him fi inject har dat means he was caring for her,,,look ded hole wife if u naw gi d man d pumps him ago go out there,wtf u Nuh easy to watch Wally British side chicks videos lmaooo side chick sit down a watch u man like wen dog a watch bone inna ppl hand,some a u women get dam boring bcuz unuh name wife,man n woman a like water cycle,u get boring him move on to d next n it continues,,,,,u sound stupid as a woman a talk shit weh husband tell u,if u naw gi d man front him a dweet again plus throw him out,girl write dear pastor met n meters can’t help u,u need fi care fa u man,dwl now Candice focus pon u child lupus no give space fa married men,,,,bwoi. Wife lame story

        1. di husband send har so much message ina him likkle tattle tale exercise ……..him say candice can f— she betta go learn…candice doe have no lupus oo :hammer

  3. Girl ur husband is doing one thing with Candice and telling u another.You are naive to believe every story him tell u.If u kick him out the house of course a Candice yard him ago guh.U r a foolish wife to blame Candice solely.Now u give di girl more ammunition fi tek him from u……girl bye

  4. Good morn Metty! Time she a blame di woman she go blame har self. Mi married a mi get bun still mi no know how it Neva short fi Easter gone. Woman call a disrespect mi a then one day mi sey f**k it mi a do mi, so I went to a party met this guy good looking slim body cause mi no like big gut man. We had a thing going he was honest to tell me he had a baby mother, he very much involved in the kids lives I said k cause I love dat. Being together for a while some how baby mada got my number call me a disrespect I ignored her she still continue mi just get mad a give it to her properly. At the time wen I met the guy he had his own place cause he told me they r not together she say mi a home wrecker a jamaican r monkey mi tell her yes cause every nite her baby daddy feeding the monkey her banana with chocolate a cherry on top.

    1. But at no time she even said she and the girl had a confrontation so mi nuh understand why she so angry at she…suppose she did have a real skirmij a deal wid?

  5. Wha she seh she never a give him none at home she sick in har head no sex den di man nuh muss go look it tell har hold on Caaz more deh fi come pickney probably out deh too


  7. Oh boy dem ago trace me today dwrl met weh you seh dem a gwan bad on the site ? Let me go look if anyone brave enough to put me on blast over deh woiiiieeee

    Wife listen me good you hear IF YOU NO F**K HIM I WILL DONT SAY MI NEVER WARN YOU. But the ONLY DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU PUT HIM OUT YOU GONNA HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK OR SO FOR HIM TO RETURN WHY? He’s only returning because I will be telling him to. And it won’t be because of you I have a kind heart for children 😉

  8. @Met, tricks are for kidz and this wife is a silly raas rabbit..Poor thing, blind and dumb at the same time..kmrt.

  9. Den she said husband no sure d girl pregnant dwl dat mean no condom?dwl wife,plz understand a d 20th century if u no gi u man pumps smaddy else will,,,u push d man out deh cuz u claim u name wife,wtf cho,,,,,ur like painting on d wall in d house n u knw painting stationary dwl.

  10. Well well well, I see Candice A Brown-Mann finally reach pink wall. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Time to buss up the files!!Not the first time she tekk married man but I’m sure it WONT be the last time. Candice your such a highly intelligent mother why would are you still dealing with married man?What example you showing to your one daughter? You f**k off the Sean Kingston married cousin cause him was his producer and you did think seh he was gonna give you money? My girl em beat you like a punching bag and you end up mind him.Then you start mess with the ole reggae boyz football player and em dash you away like ole newspaper.Ya get a chance with a ole white man who married you and give you papers. Thank god for that. Atleast he took really good care of you. You had 2 cell phone, leased benz car, allowance every week cause you not working, rent paid, your child taken care of nicely. Atleast you had the sense to go school and get your AA in RN. But then before you graduate the old man cut the life support and divorced you. no more cell phone, lease on the car wasn’t gonna get renewed so you had to take back, cant pay for rent anymore. Poor ting. Welcome to the working class boo! LOL. Yes she really do have lupus but she love use it so ppl will feel sorry for her and she can use them to her liking. Last “official” man she had she used him until he get fed up of her and left her. She climb the man house and beat down his window and ring off the door bell. but she still couldn’t take the rejection. Her wotless mudda start sell her to different man from 15 years old and she get pregnant for a pilot not too long after that. Up to this day she dont know where to find that man.But she love tell ppl seh she left the man. nope not true. She start gwann like seh she a bad gal and start carry knife and gun. But she buck up on the right set of ppl cause one set of mudda and daughter hold her down and dig out her eye. She lucky she meet the white man who marry and he make her get reconstructed surgery on her face. And she luv tell man she she pregnant. Last man she tell seh she having twins!! All now they dont reach her yet!! DWRCL!!! BYE FELICIA!

    1. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

      1. Thanks Met! Nah bodda flatline pon us please!! Dem ask for dey Suss so I had to get the Uhaul truck and take it to the storage to buss the files!!

        1. How convenient. I’m sure the Uhaul Truck was gassed up, ready and waiting. Why do I think you were the one that sent this nonsense in?

          1. Morning Met and Metters. Listen Anon you need to reread your comment cause it doesn’t make any sense. Why would I send in this suss to Met and THEN buss her files? Actual I’m sorry I didn’t see this suss the same time it came out. If I wanted to I could have buss her files AAALLONG time out. So come better then that.

  11. I hope it’s not Candice Met cause she need to go mind her Pickney herso called real estate agent mudda and leave married men alone and go find her own.

    1. Apparently from anon words…she was married. So, that nah shake har tree.

      Dumb ass females wid dem plastic bag man need to go sit there ass down and learn how fi fling up pu$$y gi dem man fi him tired and tan inna de house.

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