Blessings and Respect Would really love some i just put out a Video and would really like you to post it and help me get out there am the next Marvin Di beast am coming with Fire you all just wait

14 thoughts on “MI A LEF DIS GI UNO

  1. Mawnin Met ah Mary di beast bubble ina pink shorts fi match di pinkwall tiday :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. you’re coming wid fire? ok, puppa jeeezas bring da brimstone. mi see yuh waan be a dancehall aronist, have a bucket a wata fi u kakaole

  3. Didn’t watch the video from me see the marvin wannabe on him rass head…….dem a seh marvin a fish but a lie SEE THE FISH DEH PON HIM HEADTOP. Ewwwwww faggottt you naw tun marvin y’all tun marva move fro. Yasso a promote you batty nasty rass

  4. Like some persons on here sometimes I too just read the comments n nuh watch a video.in fact I was never gonna watch anything in a still frame of a man in pink on “his”headtop!

    Can anyone clarify if he means he is the next marvin..fullstop..coming with fire…or he is coming with fire for marvin?the sentence doesnt flow grammatically so I’m NOT sure.in any event unno tell him the yardies got that water to out any fire him bringing!

  5. I feel sad watching this. I cant even laugh. Like the youth of today dont know themselves or their potential. Instead he go do 2 handstand pushups or some pullups he on his headtop. He not even on beat.

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