33 thoughts on “MI A SWEAT LIKE A ME RUN

  1. Neva had ah doubt Bolt woulda win but mi wanted Yohan fi medal…an congrats also De Grasse fi di bronze… :selamat :selamat

  2. Met mi surprise the neighbours nuh call police pon mi rass ..mi need a rass medal MI self cause I swear MI jump oVA BOUT 10 hurdles and win. I AM PROUD AND SO VERY HAPPY…mi not even see Gatlin…Bolt stawt off slow MI did worried..but he more than delivered.

    1. Marie mi up and dung di staze outside run out come back in and dung di staze :ngakak bolt nearly kill off di whole a we cause mi nearly wet up miself wid di slow start …Marie mi all get up and pray fi him dis mawnin 4 am mi cudden eattttttt

        1. He is such an arrogant a**hole…him a come try defend the doping earlier…all the one Donovan Bailey. He covered the race on CBC MO worse can’t stand him…how yuh fI bawa a Jamaica and a chat sayý yuh Jamaican….
          Anyhow whoootwhoot!!!!

      1. Elaborate on this more please.

        And Yes!!! Big congrats to Bolt. Only sorry Yohan didn’t medal but still proud.

  3. Congratulations, Bolt and to all our athletes. :rate I anticipate the “BREAKING NEWS” regarding Bolt’s bedroom runs in Rio. :supermaho

  4. @MET the Canadian 21 year old memba MI tell yuh he will do great things with focus and time. Bolt said he reminds him of himself. In my mind he won Silva bc all now MI nuh see big balls Gatlin.

    1. Marie mi not looking at him..Jamaica have some more a come up so we will see what him have 4 years time..Mi hate gatlin mi hate gatlin mi hatttttttttttte him u si lol and mi nuh use dat word hate lightly but mi nuh have no good feelings towards him

  5. Sorry MET this phone a type foolishness…how Donovan Bailey born in Jamaica yet denies his Jamaican heritage…wish I could find his quote..a next time I find it. Jamaicans living here have zero respect for him……..

    Wey yuh say Bolt mother nuh know say Bolt sat Kaşı and Kaşı say Bolt. Dwl….him soon tell AR man because u know it serious when Kaşı put the lightening bolt pon ar nail design :ngakak

    1. Marie u know mi fren a come run mi down bout him a trini mi dont like that man..Mi tell har him is JAMAICANNNNNNNN but him hate pan Jamaicans hard as to Kasi :maho

  6. Met, someone said on another post that she pregnant and didn’t want to catch Zika that’s why she not there. But she was on snap drinking for her birthday and couple weeks ago taking shots at TGIF, so I don’t know ….

  7. Afta we win di race (yes we, cause mi did a run di race to and ah cuss Gaitlin same time), mi tired suh till:ngakak Afterwards a burst ah energy tek me, mi proud ah Usain suh till mi nuh knoe weh fi duh wid miself. Unno see di time an mi haffi gitup early fi guh ah bakkra wuk tomorrow.

  8. Congratulations Bolt!!!!! Mi sey ah bayee lightning mi c ah flash from laas nite enuh….. LIGHTNING BOLT to di flipping werl.

    Mi son tell mi sey ah bayee pot cover and screaming him hear mi neighbors ah do. Mi tell him if mi dee dey ere mi wudda join dem lol. Mi glad bag buss

  9. You know mi glad Gatlin get him Silva. Cause it will remind him he was never good enough, all when him pump up wid him tings him caan beat Bolt and when him supposedly clean him still caan beat him. He gave it him everything though, you can see he had nothing more to give and him still caan gold. So him can siddung and contemplate dat fi di rest of him life.

    Too many ppl focused on beating Bolt instead of medaling. Folks need fi just learn fi stay in dem lane and run dem race. Everybody put Bolt pon dem head and dem nah succeed. Di Canadian won him medal cause him nuh see Bolt as a rival and him just go out and do him ting. Compete gense uself, always try fi best your best numbers instead a worried bout a next man. Good that hBolt retiring wid a stellar legacy. A very good sportsman too, never hear bout him inna mixup or speaking negatively of other athletes.

  10. Congrats Bolt. So a nuh mi alone despise that Cunt hole Gaitlin. I have always thought D. Bailey was a Trini.

  11. Congrats to the big man Bolt! Lawd Gad mi nerves nearly give way but thank God we prevail. Jamaica land mi love

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