I wish to share a story that’s too hot, this known power couple which are past students of camper down high world got rocked a few days ago after a video was released with the girlfriend giving head to another female 😂 here are some pictures as the video has been deleted. It’s is alleged that she works at a massage parlor



12 thoughts on “MI CYAH PUT UP DI RES A PIC DEM

  1. Mi know bout dem massage place deh weh have happy ending. Hey! Di gal fi nyam my pussy an fi Mek me put my good up face inna pussy.. di man balls weh she did fi go inna, madda abort him from before mi bawn. But mi will deal wid di cock like a mi toothbrush suck it clean like when mi wash mi hand.

  2. The lesbian chicks in Jamaica seem so numerous….. It seems like pink wall needs to devote an entire section devoted to gal dem who love to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner inna next gal panties. MET call that section “dining out” or “snack-time” :ngakak

  3. Oh u well wa see the snackables nuh true. Big woman ting do what u feel like. Snacks connotes happy time a dat deh word u pick @ anon

  4. Power couple that mean they have light that a fi har problem if she wah nyam puxxy…ten that any day over two tuff man a f#%&k

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