met u see how dem mix up the people dem bad ,apple go catch jadian a hotel met, she drive go 6 htel until shefind him just done f**k ,met apple come back come tell har fren dm lieeeeee say she spit pon he girl lieeeeee, she did nothing cause the gal never want apple she say she we work wid him small buddy and hm mouth do the rest , not apple tougue , him a pay out this ting ya ,him know say apple nuh good cause all th time she want gal inna hr bed threesome ,dutty apple the gal nuh f**k womannnnn keeeep keri


  1. We understand she get bunnnnn like anyone else . With all the surgery and dressing naked for hubby j you getting BUN star Apple :ngakak :hammer :alay

  2. So Yuh mean to tell Mi say all a dat work pan bady an man still a gaw road no man!…. Well now unnu see result when Unnu bring other pussy inna Unnu relationship ……I can’t!!!!

  3. lol a bad colored big gut man plus a sadomite weh full a silicone in a one motel six with a no nane girl ……what a novel ….

  4. Oh my….i really hear him always a cheat on her. Mrs.apple hun if you really did spit on the girl your husband is cheating on you with,you are wrong. You should’ve whoop his ass!!!

  5. When him deh a Jamaica him have this young brown gal a walk behind him every minute and she look good and natural body. Apple been get bun

  6. N him love bring the waste gal them go a the apartment on winchester like a hoe shop him a run. It bun mi ehhh see. N them look like the change shift more while. N classy people live there. N the gal them look like shit n drunk sometimes. It’s disgusting. With all them hungry stay bad dirty boy them a bring the gal them back n forth fi him. Wonder if him no fraid a germs.

  7. Mi see him bring a girl up by Winchester. Shi fava man. But the waste boy them did deh deh so mi no feel him would so bright. But mi no put it pass him.

  8. All the upgrades she’s done and her man still a run behind natural girls lol just comes to show that not everything that glitters is gold! I guess your husband is not better than mines lol

  9. Sender give story correct it sound make up and atleast she a take weh she can get from him . Everyone get bun atleast she get bun and still have him begging her for forgiveness please uno too mix up

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