0 thoughts on “MI HAFFI LAUGH

  1. Ring around the rosie
    A pocket full of posie
    Ashes Ashes
    They all fall down!!
    :hammer :hammer _____________________________ :tkp :tkp

  2. Mi seh from mi si dem ah come, me jus neatly grip mi pocket book ah tek time tek weh miself guh shop sumweh else…like really??…you pushing a shopping cart, yet still yuh have the wholeap ah clothes dem bungle up inna yuh hand??…and to make matters worse, you try to make a clean get away by running around the get away vehicle…Lord, like seriously…if your schedule isn’t too busy, please give Metty the pillow and take this here case because____________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Mawning Met and all! DWWWLLLL what a piece of musical chairs dem did a run round di car. At least her friend dem never abandon her like some people baby father dwlllll :sup2: :sup2: :sup2: :sup2:

      1. ————————————– And the worse thing is Bealls is a very cheap store enuh! Them too brave cause dem not even try conceal the goods.

  4. Mawnin….luk like di driva did bex wid di gyal weh did ah run round di car. Inna di last part yuh waan si har ah jump inna di moving vehicle minus di clothes weh shi did a try thief…:ngakak

    1. It look like she handed her the house keys fe find ar way home…just in case them drive weh leff ar…bwoy mi neva know seh it suh sticky pan some people :hammer

      1. @yep! So weh u say…when it look like di fat one a get ketch di nex one tun roun an say…see di house key ya dwrl…u made my week wid dat comment

        1. @Really doah, see heres the thing with me now…you affe si wid mi more time and tek time wid mi causen seh mi wear hi glasses….so I may see house keys while the next blogger sees mace ( which is more than likely, the correct object handed down from one culprit to the next )…but accordin to my 4 eyes, I see one doofus>> :doctor: , handing the other musical chairs lookin doofus>> :doctor: , house keys..just in case she finally decides to stop running around the car and decides to run str8 home and into the house…I could be wrong though :ngakak

  5. Morning all

    These b!tches are brazen! :ngakak how the hell u gon walk out of a store with stolen merchandise like that without no one noticing u? She came out of the car to give her accomplice something, what did she gave her?

    1. Fa real Simply, like when time yuh did likkle and the older children had you place yuh forrid pa piece ah stick and run round in circles til you loose you mind and yuh balance; didn’t know which direction to fall…

  6. Di security did heng on pon har enuh, but di fren gi har sittn weh meck him affi let har guh fast lol suh a prolly som mase shi spray inna him yeye loll

  7. But whole heap a store over here don’t have any in-house security, suh in truth, it very easy fi ppl walk out of a store wid dem hand full a clothes, cause by di time dat beep off and a cashier fi run guh check dem long gone.

  8. But mi guh back guh review the video again, and it look like seh the get away driver mek the runner run couple extra laps before she was finally able to get into the vehicle..sometimes all you can do is shake yuh head and laugh…entertainment at its very finest :ngakak

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