SOMEONE COMMENT THIS-Completely off topic but Met word on the street Is that gun men rode down on a bike and shot up a silver Benz that shemara Todd was driving and she run off the road and into a salon.

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  1. Yes miss Met they said she died police is still processing the scene now on Washington boulevard the road is blocked

  2. Some bystanders saying that she died on the spot but reports are coming in that she was rushed to the hospital and is now in the operating theatre. She got 4 shots still don’t know exactly where on her body she got them.

  3. Is true, but what a coincidence !!!! Since the story put up today. Hope she pulls tru. I’m glad I followed my mind to not type what I was going to say today.

  4. It happened at the stop light by the cheese factory on the boulevard in the traffic and then the van crashed into about 3 cars drive over the island in the road go through the light hit another car further down the road by marvely and then crashed into a wall at a house

  5. Metty heard she box someone from Aidonia crew yesterday..don’t know if its true..but always hear that she hype and disrespectful to ppl.

    1. It dead?! Seriously? A blood run thru all a we! dealing with the public ain’t easy and if u r privileged to be running it then some of us will exude the same type of behaviour as Shemara she might take it a lil far but the public isn’t easy to deal wit! IT DEAD OR IT NO DEAD?! Wow! If she beat people she did not shot up nobody!

      1. Leave them let them talk because sometimes dem talk pan demself. My only prayers are for her recovery for those two girls

      2. Truth a truth! U can’t wanna hear if the woman dead u worst Dan Shemara! Everybody want skin out dem front and wanna expect to be treated with respect lmao!

  6. Wow!!! Her husband did say he got death threats against himself and his family from a certain entertainer ta few years ago. If you know you are in certain things bullet proof your vehicle the bike man dem move faster than the police

  7. Big n serious we all know a lot of who are in the entertainment business doesn’t strictly get their money from music. The money dirty sometimes n dem have dem power n with power dem have dem feel like dem can disrespect anybody. Years ago a dancer said she would beat the dancers and control their tips. Anyone who can do dem things mi can’t rate u.
    Sad she has two daughters so I do hope she pulls through. And with this, learn how to not put her hands on anyone again n respect people. Gun too cheap n dem lil boys heee weh a kill nuh value nutn. So she n her husband need to be careful

  8. morning shan, heard they had an altercation in negril on thursday night , with aidonia them . dunno the full details but is was heated. but cory left the island friday morning for business. its so sad regardless of how it goes why we have to resort to such violence. smh

  9. The Doctor link said she pulled through n her injuries are no longer life threatening. Kinda unfair to be overemphasizing the Aidonia’s ppl link when there is public knowledge of the world boss’s threat.More importantly couple of Taboo ladies I know indeed conveyed stories of Ill treatment, disrespect n disgruntlement from Shemara to her staff.One of the workers insist they should look internally for a suspect cuz she insists it’s an “inside job”.

    Nothing is wrong with ppl saying what they heard but plz Go easy with the speculations n allow the investigators to do their job.Give ur tip to the cops if u have proof.Speedy recovery Shemara as we don’t believe one ought to die for dissing another in the manners ascribed to you.

  10. Cory need fi left d place and business cause ain’t no body like him , from him get himself mix up wid all dese lowlifes .kartel a d fuss one wah nearly kill him.

  11. Someone said Masika and Aidonia had a big fight so I don’t know if she got involved and a try fight too. A long time Shamara a put her hands on people and it’s full time she stop. I guess she go touch the wrong person now. She must be mentally ill or on drugs because her behavior not normal at all.

  12. I watch Dateline alot. All I have to say is … Check the husband . And husband just happen to fly out same day ?? Praying for her

  13. Met mi hear seh di 2 bike man dem weh ride up and shot her dead yesterday on Perkins Boulevard……not sure how true it is but it happen right afta di news come seh she get shot

  14. She haffi quat now..she tooo outaorda..when she an her man a walk a beat up and disrespect ppl an him not even come from yah..him get 2 shot unda him ass and she no learn.now 2 bun her unda her skin..everyday bucket go a well 1 day the bottom must drop out..she never know she have 2 girls..she lucky she live fe tell the tale..

  15. @met it funny how a story bout waldie n corey come out n this happen.. Corey n masicka roll with police bodyguard like wise popcaan.. Don’t know bout aidonia.. If dem did fight we would have heard it already.. Them fi leave the badness alone cuz i don’t know how unno a mek some much money n want prove to the world seh unno a badman.. If i was the priminister a cancle all a unno passport until i can prove seh unno bad..

  16. Sponge bob body CoryTodd nuh treat nobody good n neither does his wife. Look how dem did beat Devin n gwaan like dem bigger than the law????!!!! Unu can stay deh play bias bout she has two kids so don’t wish bad on her. Anyone who will beat n threaten people lives will KILL n we all know her husband nor herself are clean. The life u live, u will have the consequences so when it reach u, if u live u change u life or prepare fi death. Dem must think dem a puss. Knowing dem lifestyle she need two jdf man traveling with her. What if her kids were in the vehicle. Kmt mi c woman weh did a handle way more money get murdered right in front her kids because she n her husband disrespectful n abusive.
    A nuh everybody ago tek diss memba that!

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