Big and serious Qutanya instead of worrying about people talking bout u friend “Babyfadda” Less baby shower and showing your nude body on social media and acting out on social media why don’t u look smaddy fi sort out (Edited)! seek God seek help u inna everything but the right thing ! You make videos talking about bitches suck p**y and suck hood u nuh get Catch on video doing the same ting? ! U have some nerves to talk bout friend have condo show we what u have beside walking naked on social media and bartending! Then u on video talking about people kid smh Bella don’t live with u ah your mom ah raise her and u not a role model 2 you Pitney Qutanya ! Qq shame deh pon you who deh ah foreign since wappi kill Phillip and u can’t travel out of country or work on the books guh chat bout the time Sally lick u inna head with bokkle n u and you crew couldn’t do noting about it &&& u ah talk bout surgery body then u say u think u need surgery bitch u lost confused (Edited) and homeless bout u ah walk and instigate n boost war like u a citizen on the next hand you love mentioning how you an “immigrant ” on social media b**tch the feds watch everything so be careful u ah bl*** Fool mi done talk!


  1. Mi think a did me alone hate Dem mi si a gal get a rass drop over East Tremont inna one a Dem yesterday u si woieee a walk all boasty an trip ova di furrrr… :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Jamaican groupie y’all stale, do me a favor n don’t worry about me cause I’m great & Bella is great FYI SHE LIVES WITH ME, so pack it up & worry about why y’all gotta be posting shit anonymously because y’all would be laying 6 feet under, y’all some bitter worried ass crosses ppl, Wen Y’all Stop Posting Me I’ll Start Worrying Cause That Mean I’m Not Doing Something Right, Abaayyyyyyyy

    1. How yuh fi famous an nuttn nah gwaan fi yuh? Mek di people dem post an nuh come yah come respond cause ah nuh now Jen Jen ah beat yuh fi tap tek man when yuh ah likkle gyal. Now yuh tretch out bigger dan di square foot a Bronx. Yuh never raise di likkle girl a day inna har life, and all because yuh ambition tree dead lef yuh. Get a life, get a career and while yuh out dere…get a status inna Merika. Yuh too wutliss fi young gyal..:travel

  3. Dum azz bitch u said in one your videos “Bella don’t live with me but she good” idiot u say it 1st

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