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  1. Met you nuh see usian. A run the tack field like when tire a run road.. Him name fit him when lighting strike everybody haffie run go hide..

  2. You can tell he wasn’t happy though. Well wanted sub 19 but you’re not as you were at 21. Congrats big man. Me see mommy and Tahira. Sipsssss

  3. but kasi didn’t make it to Rip how come u don’t say anything about that met… she took a trip to Panama to try and trick ppl then she came to her senses here say bolt turn her back smh

    1. See someone else dus seh it deh..Kasi did want we tink she deh Rio..If she is not a clown mi a di whole circus :travel

        1. But is true can someone go Panama and want we tink dem deh a Rio? Di way Panama outa style from before Higla find out dere was Miami and now dem a guh all di way a China……………mi wudden even badda mek anybody know mi deh desso . Kasi a betta yuh dus did mek di one step and go Cuba mi love………memba it dus a open and suh :travel

          1. Mrt I’m begging you to tell me is joke yah mek di gal deh a Panama, and galong like a brazil somebody should’ve realized when dem hear di spanish speaking and not Portuguese poor me can’t decipher the 2. I hope that trick gets zika for her stunt.

          2. Yuh feel seh Kasi did tink she can boom ride from Panama and reach Rio? Mi a ask oo cause dis is a puzzle

          1. Met…….u want them call ambulance on me?? Idk if I can make it to a morning cause mi been ready for this tea. As @G seh, mi gasy yah now

  4. Kasi is not in the stadium lol she put up snap chat black out bout history time gal how is bolt yuh man and yuh not there mnl kasi your not relevant coz if you were you would be there front row snapping away showing off your man making history but yuh not there. You will never be wife bolt just a f**k yuh fi now somebody new will step in soon. Coz your getting dropped :ngacir2 :ngakak

  5. Bolt neva haffi do dem suh bad…but den again YES HE DID!! Fi every stride Bolt meck dem affi meck four…poor tings. Whole heap ah werk dat enoh. Dem try dow. Dem nearly dead, but dem try…lol lol.

  6. Met me a go send you one pen pal.. Fi give usain fi me. Mi wan some a di gold.. Mi a nuh condutor so mi nuh want no silver. Lol

      1. Lol :hammer :ngakak :ngakak me a go mek sure me fix him teeth dem.. Even if mi haffie mek him put whiteout pan it.

    1. Penpal still deh? Oh my days, a feel ancient fi even know what that is, worse, to have been one.

      Meck a guh home to mi ackee and saltfish widdi yam and banana, and celebrate dis piece of history. All who will be reading bout Usain in 100 years, I was living it.

  7. Naaa lie Kasi noo this nuh look good! Prime minister Holness please invite back the circus to Jamaica, cuz Kasi dahling yuh face wud do well with a big red rass nose like boso! 🙁 mi huuurt christ knows mi huuurt and its not me! What an embarassment? Noo0 sah all a long i thought Kasi Benette is in Usain’s blue print smh mi shhaaaaaame! :nohope:

    1. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Das y mi neva even mek a bray cause mi a nuh donkey oo and mi nah mek Kasi tun me ina no donkey of the day..You mean to seh Kasi mek quick trip go Panama ………that language is spanish and mek we tink she deh a Rio that their language is portuguese ? Kasi u a play pan we language deficiency :nerd

      1. Right now mi naaa comment on nutten more related to Kasi and Bolt. No sah! Mi shaaame! So for all who like myself were saying he “loves” her naaa that is no love nor respect! They are just into an understanding sexationship

        1. Kasi mek sure fly out fi mek people think she gone support har man :hammer dis remind me a some people whey lef dem district wid no light and come a kingston den go back a country well dress and seh dem a come fram farrin cause kingston full a light post ..Kasi if you dont satter yahself down somewhere :nerd

  8. Met there is still time for Kasi to make an appearance and redeem herself. Him birthday a Sunday. She might be reach fi di celebration !!!

      1. You think a lie Met…she done get shame already! And worse now that we find her out! All if she turn up she still look like fool!

          1. Mi feel shame
            Suh till and a nuh me! No matter wah she do right now she a laughing stock! She better fly go miami suh till di shame blow off!
            Oh and Met you know if di mate reach! Because after she post di picture she bout Road to
            Rio Mi nuh see nuh more!?

          2. Spoon mi did hardly comment cause mi did waa watch di ride and mi did a wonder how she dere and no pic wid di man…….Kasi win plane clown 2016

          3. Due to how di Pinkwallers frass up har head she did haffi run go put Rio fi nuh mek it look a ways..Spoon u haffi be compassionate oo cause dis lie deserve compassion :hammer

          4. Met all now me can’t come to!
            She get call out seh di man don’t want her there. We f**k wid har suh till she run go pose up inna foreign country and a try fool we! And now she get caught inna di lie and she can’t seh ntn!
            Jan kno! Never u own up a man, mek di man own up you!
            Sorry yah Kasi, clearly Mitsy a still d one who a win!

          5. On the road to Rio and all now Rio cannot reach Kasi………. From I was conceived in all my life :ngakak

          6. U think a lie!
            Mi see gal tell lie and do some things fi prove a point. But I never see gal guh through all a dis and u can’t tell me har mother nuh kno a wah gwaan! Jus as rass slack! Mi love how Mitsy deh inna di shadows all dem years yah tho! :travel

          7. Mi doubt h even a guh come near har after this! She embarrass di man to rass! Mi kno seh all we a chat over here mus reach a him ears! But Met a bo 1000 comments this ago reach by morning. U need fi start charge admission!

          8. Met di way this yah mix up a hold me I don’t even want see di mix up weh a go post tomorrow. Much less di one u seh u a guh drop after Olympics. But Mi see di Sam girl a post up picture. But all a dem inna di stadium when it empty :cool

  9. she tek too long fi reach I kno the problem his mom is I’m Rio u honestly think usain legend bolt is an idiot that would allow his brothers f**k left to be in the same room with his mom… usain cannot be that stupid…. remember kasi crotch was shared amongst the two brothers bolt don’t want his dad to take his turn

      1. Mi have girlfrenZ that says they’re obsessed with Kasi inuh cuz the snaps and thing, i wonder how dem aguh feel wen dem find out Kasi dont get 5 stars ratings from Bolt? Why were we of the impression she was his ringless wife? Right now mi a label r as Usain’s party parry! She a just to par wid and yes sex frm time to time nothing serious!

        1. But di man seh him nah married till him a 35 so what else pan dis planet could Kasi be but a parring P? He never call her by name him say Old Harbour :hammer

        2. Kasi is the one leading these people on to believe these things. You should see her IG comments or how she respond to people on twitter. And the idiot dem so blind, nobody wondering why the hell she don’t have a personal pic to post? Bare google images. No sah

  10. I came in here to congratulate Bolt and buck on this mess say Kasi never deh no Brazil, she den Panama. Is lie you people telling on this nice nice girl! Say it ain’t so! No mi SHAME bad! WTF!

    Congrats still Bolt GOAT!

  11. Met hol on .. Mi a open Di door Fi Usain …. I am telling u dem a dis and dem a dat and mi a wife …….him seh thanks for the support ciao .

  12. I kinda feel sorry for her. She must feel for the guy to go to those extremes but why? If he didn’t want her in Rio, why go to the expense of trying to fool people? Worse – what will Usain think when this gets back to him. You can’t force someone to love you but when you start playing yourself they start playing you. On top of that, there are the other girls who are vying for his attention. Jealousy would kill me. I couldn’t do it. Kasi is beautiful and educated. Why doesn’t she get out more and do things for herself. Post pictures of her enjoying herself with her friends, travelling etc. Show the man that you have a life. Don’t waste your best years on someone who doesn’t appear interested then grow old and forever be known as Usain’s side piece when he is long gone.

    1. I feel sorry for her too. If it was me, I would delete all my social media and just go cool out. Enjoy the man and the money in private and to hell with all these people. But you see when you love attention….

  13. Mi seh smaddy guh put up pic pon FB bout bolt and him woman after the 100m mi seh smaddy run in nd she a lieeeeee,pinkwall comfirm it this a the jamaican trail pic from this pic till now Kasi dont get nuh other pic fi boost wid a nearly deaddddddddddddd :ngakak

    1. Simply we shudda did know Kasi lie eno cause dis is not the first……Kasi get put up pan dis wall fi photoshop har body suh a nuh now she a rev out di social media lie dem..Kasi we see you :maho

      1. ________________________ Mi wudden want har market one grain a peanut fi me. She cudda go under di covers, put up few tickets and seh doctors orders she wont be able to make it…………….but fi go seh on di road to Rio and end up a Panama? Not even an empty plastic bag mi wudda want har market nope :travel

        1. Mi saaaay dem nuh faaar frm the leos! U fling up one nuff time wid ms. loud an can i tell you is like a lucifer frig r madda evil piece a gyal dat madda bring in this werl

  14. Gn everyone!! If mi proud one more time! But mu affi mek unu know bout di dutty black Americans dem over on ” the shade room” a chat one bag a shit bout we jamicans and we country, bout all we do is chop up each other and how we live ina gutter. Mi say dem a di most mentality slaved ppl on this planet. Mi say mi did ago answer di bitch dem enuh,but mi deveen bother waste mi time…. dem bright nuh bloodclaat. America has the worse slums I’ve ever seen, especially because its such a big Country. Them even guh as far as saying we have 6 golds and usa has 93…. Yuh wait till the Olympics dun man,yuh soon hear dem a hash tag blm. They are loved when them can being in golds but hated any other times and dem cant see that.kmt. anyway mi glad bolt win yuh see. Lol dwl

    1. A nuh we mek toothpaste cheap and dem mouth stink a farrin. Dont mind dem cause dem dont even know what clean teeth is

  15. Call me naive but when he said in the recent TV interview that he has a girl from Old Harbour, I thought he was referring to Kasi. I thought he was saying he was off the market. You would expect his girl to be beside him as he makes history. Something doesn’t add up here. I am an incurable romantic. I was actually expecting him to propose in the stands and give her a big rock. It’s like they are in a pretend relationship. I hate sharing tables in a restaurant, I could never share my man with so much women. Kasi must have very low self esteem to still be hanging around. When Usain done with a lot of those girls in his harem, they are going to be worth nothing.

      1. Ha ha ! I did. I thought she was a nice girl that has been around Usain for a while and deserve the ring. But I can’t lie this foolishness that she did has made me go completely off her.

    1. If Kasi have sense she tek whey she can get cause when Usain jus bus pan di groupieville scene dem mek him pocket dance di salsa ..Bobbie mek him haffi come up wid 1/2 million fi har oolalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmhmm…a nuh nothing now if usain still a play right now cause dem mek him pay when him jus bus so him a get him money’s worth now outa di field likkle first..I dus not blame him noh sor

  16. So met the other Sam girl mek it front & center,but not the supposedly gf of 2 plus years…gal yah real idiot all when him muma no like me, mi is there on mi yeye lash dem cuz mi can a go so hard fi yuh & yug a back bench mi nope. Kasi we know you reading love money & hypd is not all stop sell yourself short. Met mi gone watch Sam instastory in turn up. Har seat deh right near the track.

  17. lololololol she is a trick a she put up usain with her plots why kirstin had to leave him I never hear kirstin mention her once and every minute kasi go to bolt and tell bolt things bout the poor girl a message her n attack her till kirstin had to call it quits with bolt then old sAdamite liar kasi went to her friends telling them how bolt called it quits with kirstin to be with her lol wen bolt was boasting to me say kirstin have a hotter body and hes confused on who to choose and he was complaining that stank pussy kasi eats alot and him have to pressure her to go gym she want the girl look small…. she wicked u f**k…. a kirstin tell bolt say too much man a look her so she don’t wah waste time-smart girl… kasi and her mother definitely a look something… a just cas me nuh wah write certain things up here but ugo better be careful of her she is very manipulative….

    1. Anybody with sense can see how manipulative she is. From I see how she responds to comments on IG, I picked up on it. All that fake modesty and going out of her way to compliment everyone back. Even the lamest most unattractive stranger she is like “Oh gosh coming from you, I’m blown away!” FAKE!

      I don’t know how much “fave” she one have so. It’s all an attempt to get people to think she’s humble and fall in love with her. Pree it long time.

      1. She love force real news for real wha day she come on snapchat bout everybody know she love hang her clothes on line wha dat fan the whole a we inna Jamaica no do that or no grow up and see we parents a hang out clothes on line .. And her jokes are so forced like bitch be true to who you are ughh

          1. Same suh mi fren seh shi real cuz she on snap a relax her hair for someonr that can more than afford a salon’s do… who mi? Nothing feels comfortable like being humble and unseen it is so relaxing.. Kasi is a goodas indeed! Why would Bolt wife a goodas? Damn foolish girl tsk tsk tsk

    2. Hi Hello…nuhbbadda widdy. I like my tea with a whole heap a honey so try u best email the rundown on this saga so it can get a post on its own. U too bad.

      1. Tell dem tell dem cause a histrie dis………… last year it was tanisha wid di blue stone and this year is kasi wid di rio trip

  18. Dem dont like loosinf man….but lawks sir.bolt…this gyal problem yuh have too much fi mi likkle head yah. Lol

    1. No man cyah come 3sum mi out and den come gi mi vague gyal friend title and mi guh seh mi on di road to Rio no sah…Kasi u haffi go pack dat up boo

      1. Simply these Jamaican women neeeds to stand up to these men and reject these 3sums proposals! A man once said if u were into 3sums like all the others i wouldn’t take u as my personal woman! Weh unu a prove? Mi naaaa give eeen! Aunty a whole heep a pressure out deh inuh i swear to you! Mi naa give eeen lets say u get little material things but those things will not out last your memory! Are u into girls is the question some of these Jamaican corrupt men asks these days! Unu need to stop bow out because of IG! IG is the devil’s playground! Kasi u 3sum out mami nevr u spoil a man and him nuh wife yuh yet smh#womenbestern!

        1. Well take it like this then. I guess anyone wah deh wid or a f**k wid Bolt 3sum out den? Lol. I can’t take it.

    2. Yow mo a go tell Unu something the realist ting is you will never know who a Leo really loves …. They are just different

      1. Dem love attention so any love dem love a demself first second , third…etc..Leo men are different than the women though

        1. She put harself pan lipstick alley now she reach all di way ina dailymail. Smaddy comment and seh she a Usain mattress :hammer

  19. Firstly I wanna big up Anon23 who unwittingly exposed kasi wasn’t in rio from a post on the 16th.Smaddie replied n it Mussi silence her.secondly I confess I was at the bar so i wasn’t at my sharpest so sorry cuz it slip me fi tell unno.

    Anon23 was saying the snap location/tag was in Spanish n not English so they were questioning the rio flight.from my studies in cuba I learnt lil Portuguese from Brazilian students.hence it should’ve shown Portuguese tag not Spanish nor English as anon was expecting.she was in Panama not rio as per snapchat n a lil crabblehouse run een a talk bout anon23 to update her snap smh.shame n disgrace n disgusting stunt this kasi!

    1. Yeah man @yardielovethug the devil is in the details. I realized the idiot who responded didn’t understand what I was saying so I just left it alone

  20. Mi say how she gwaan pon snapchat,instagram not to mention Twitter and is only a cabana party par she can get,goodly him last Olympics and she was not there and har minions in her comments about ‘oh don’t pay the haters no m just mind no girl we nah hate we just a say how yuh fool fool cuz yuh as f2f should a been there in the stands from heats to now Ayesha Curry go a every one har man game honey yuh seems to be unemployed from ur snaps so what u excuse. Met how mi can send yuh screen shots of the supposedly mate cuz it look like a she a the wife… big up ms. Fiction & Cabanna parry we know you reading boo

  21. same lame bitch kasi was crying to her close friends that Usain gave her STI… no man cannot give me STI and I stay smh…..

          1. With a bag of recycled IG pics and old pictures she has with him from trials and cabana city. If you read the article, they made it seem like she was actually in the stands cheering him on. LOL

            She has some people fooled, but the proof is in the pudding.

          2. Leave Gabriella alone. LOL You know when you like someone and you so happy dem get a big fish and later on you find out say the person was a BIG FRAUD? A dat! Gabby in shock. LOL

  22. I don’t blame sustain! F**k every single one a dem, but don’t marry dem. Marry a nice country girl that mean you well. Because Massa, if you wasn’t who you are today, dem same one would walk pass you and laugh after you if you was trying a pick up line pon dem. F**k dem and duck dem!!! Dem is a set a wukless whores with very very low self esteem!!!

  23. I can’t even laugh or rejoice, I am so embarrass, I feel like I would cry. Kasi go back to school and finish your studies and get a job. Leave bolt alone because he answers to mommy and her face don’t look welcoming. I don’t think you stand a chance, plus all the disrespect you getting . Move on with your life your life young lady leave bolt and his money go and get yours.

    Mi shame.

  24. P.S all this she is smart and she is this and that don’t fly. She tweet “The pride is unfathomable.” WTF??? Dropping “big” word and don’t know the context. Miss Maam with your LLB (BACHELORS!!!!) and MBA, Unfathomable is not suppose to be used beside POSITIVE words like pride fool. Unfathomable.

    1. Think a me alone caught that! I was looking for the context of something devastating and realized that she was expressing happiness. KMT She can only trick and impress the minions who frighten for her. Happy for a reply comment so they can feel like she and them are “friends” Me see through her long time.

      All this education and no employment to back it up. Gwan ya

      1. Listen to me she have her llb from Utech dat no count because Norman Manley hardly accepts anybody who did there llb at Utech because the program isn’t up to par with uwi’s course material so technically her llb don’t count

  25. Kasi I have a pic from 2009 with me and Bolt in the club. I’m sure you can dress it up and make it look like you and Bolt was at a club in Rio. Link Me!!!!

  26. Kasi clearly has everyones attention

    she better make good use of it and dont play herself waiting around for bolt to put a ring on it

    but dont lef him either lol

    hope she is saving away

    her best bet is to ketch a belly lol

  27. No sah mi need a ringer or sumting met no man! weh go off pan mi phone when tings post cause mi caah believe dis an mi miss di joke dem…. Dwpcl Rio Grande di comment Dem have mi no sah…

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