Shelly shocker! – Top sprinter to leave MVP Track Club

MVP Track Club boss Stephen Francis has confirmed that Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is leaving the club, noting that the sprinter has lost confidence in his programme.

“What I can say is that after the Olympic Games, there is often disappointment, and disappointed people have to make an assessment as to why they performed below their expectations,” Francis said.

“Coaches of the disappointed people, like myself, have to take the blame and I accept full blame for Shelly-Ann (Fraser-Pryce) not performing the way she expected to,” Francis added. “So I think it’s only natural for somebody to decide that the programme they were under is not working out.

“Athletes changing coaches is part of the sport. I think too big a deal is being made of the possibility of her changing coaches.

“She hasn’t run a PB (personal best) in four years and I think that is a contributing factor,” Francis said. “I am in agreement with her that she should try something different,” Francis added.

Earlier, Fraser-Pryce, a bronze medallist in the 100m in Rio de Janeiro, was coy when asked about her intentions and plans for the coming season and whether those included MVP.

“I think that’s a question you need to ask Stephen Francis,” Fraser-Pryce said. “If you’re asking anything about MVP, I think you have to direct it to Bruce James (club president) or Stephen Francis.”

Interestingly, James, on Thursday, told The Gleaner that the athlete was still a part of the club.


  1. after all them go through we hear a toe cause now this, u know something me think is marriage cause it nothing personal the institution but when u got these major banner put marriage on hold , some of these men as you popular they come out all a sudden with wedding proposals, and before u say wait… u say I do like frighten 7 days a week, abd its said athletes not suppose to have sex @time of performance, correct me but the toe came with the hubby if its really a toe, now francis look kike him naw try and its not so

  2. me personally speaking had a baller speego back then and when games on its little sex, me tek me foot and push him off the bed vex for me want grind lol, u no see dem say a it mash up/dung reggae boys cant git up for training you got to be discipline

  3. everyone cant win all the time, Elaine hands and foot long a nonesuch gal dat, cho shelley be a good sport no bother spoil it

  4. I think she is ungrateful. Nobody knew about her before 2008 olympics. He made her of she is today. I think she should assess her personal life the first. Stephen Francis has flaws just like anyone of us. He is a great coach and I commend him for all the work he is doing. He was the first coach to start trying athletes locally. Everyone has a right to make their decisions as to who coaches them but shelly Ann could have waited for the Olympics to be over before she made this decision. I heard this since Wednesday after Elaine won the 200m that was a little suspect. I’m just saying. Everythone has a season and maybe her season has passed just that’s life and that sports. There is aleads someone coming who is gonna be younger and faster. Anyway I thank her for all the contributions she made to our great country. But she is acting like a spoil brat that’s my opinion. Just remember athletes never prosper when they leave Stephen francis.

  5. This coach always do this to these athletes, he bad mouthed asafa when he stopped winning he even bring in this man that almost ruined asafa career,when they are not winning gold they are of no use. Shelly is free to go this aint slavery she said on tv that her toe is bothering her and she’s going to get surgery if that’s what she said is wrong with her that is what’s wrong, all this personal crap about her husband is smokes and mirrors. Stephen francis is a jerk member when he oked shelly to take oxicodone and got fined mek him gwey.

  6. Although I would want her to win Elaine want a little a Di money to .. Sf. Mek a lot of money and will continue to do so now a Elaine turn Fi tek care of herself and her ppl

  7. It is a cycle Veronica beat Merlin ottey, shellyann beat veronica,Elaine beat shelly and next 8 years someone is going to come that’s faster than elaine.

  8. Shelly-Ann needs to understand that age places role in your performance and there is any going around it, she almost pushing 30 and the older a athlete gets recovering and the way the body operations changes. Look at Gatlin for example after the 100m and the many other semifinal races resulted in him taking longer to recover (and people’s preception of him) so his result wasn’t as sharp. I even notice the same with VCB over the years. I wish that some of these big international companies would sponsor Jamaican athletes because young children around the world look up to so many of them not just Bolt. Yes money plays a role that’s why so many of them take so long to retire and rather than looking at many factors they tend to often time blamed their coaches.

  9. Anonymous was Merlene Ottey still performing the way she was at her prime? She had longevity however but she wasn’t number 1 or 2, and that’s what Shelly Ann is aiming for, Stephen has taken responsibility for not helping Shelly to reach her PB but surely it’s not all his fault life happens sometimes and people tend to forget that.

  10. Mi say mi seeit all ova her from she run di race an Elaine run lef har. All when she run di relay she look like she say mi lose it already so whatever she give up an an Mi seeit an mi neva like dat. she run but a nuh di sed shelly dat weh run b4. Round a corner vision.

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