met mek meh tell yuh but dis bruck pocket bwoy wah(Edited), nuh have ah pot fi piss in much less ah window fi fling it r*** out. mi nuh know how (Edited) have a new born pickney to rass, (Edited) who is yuh new baby madda ? we wah know…. (Edited) was tryin to talk to me and met mi nah lie di fus time me guh fi f**k (Edited), me had to ask weh em condom deh? (Edited) beg fi him f**k mi raw, and mi tell em st8 if yuh nuh have nuh condom mi nah f**k yuh.mi swear no wonda why Bronx have ah hole heap ah AIDS victim, (Edited) yuh is ah big nasty mon, yuh love beg oman fi money, met when me did ah chat to (Edited) in 2 rass weeks time (Edited) ah ask me fi help him pay him rent, and help him pay half ah em car rental, and because me tell him no, (Edited) give me one rass cuss out BDL, suh from dem time deh mi don’t even look at em. (Edited) ah beg GQ DWIGHT fi get him red bottoms, uno love bun out battyman but love beg dem fi get uno BC things, (Edited) mi want to know when GQ DWIGHT give yuh red bottoms weh yuh ah give him?
(Edited) if yuh have a new new born baby why yuh ah still look oman? yuh swear seh yuh is ah gallis but inna farrin dem call weh yuh ah do prostitution, uno oman wah feel seh (Edited) have money, mek mi tell uno em don’t have not ah r*** but em mouth wah yam out mi **y and weh gawd bless em with between em legs…..

(Edited) yuh cant guh look ah wuk, even if its at Burger king, yuh left yuh good job at Costco fi tun promoter and fi tun scammer real peace ah shit. wah example yuh ah set fi yuh son (Edited) NONE!!!!
Met me happy me neva give him ah $1 , when (Edited) cuss me out me just bust out ah laugh and block him. now when em see me inna dance em love stare mi dung like me give ah f**k,,,,, uno oman stop mek these dancehall man dem draw uno out…


  1. Maybe you just have brukpocket man pussy sender, a hustle the man a hustle. You should a pay the man for the *****You did know him bruk long time before you open you legs to him. Just call name cause from GQ str8 dung they ALL bruk

    Now you giving me work trying to find out who else paying child support dis year

    1. He sounds thirsty and very “Gay for Pay” sender just saying. How man fi beg next man fi shoes in foriegn! Are you serious a well known fish at that gatwtfofh… He Gay! Next! :cool :salahkamar

  2. Met yuh ah really guh hard for jerry bling by protecting his identity you’re really being bias Smfh

  3. We know ah jerry bling without the pic Met so you don’t need to protect him nasty jerry bling how much pussy you going to suck to get ah money …. nastiness you can’t mine yuh self but you keep on ah breed oman

  4. Sounds like the dutty barber bwoy weh name Mark aka Chun Chun. Him nah have a pot fi piss inna, all him do is walk and suck and f**k down all a white plains road – dutty jungle bwoy. Him love f**k inna batty so a coulda a f*k him well giv GQ. Love hype and nah mine none of his pickney dem. All him good fa is to dress up and party and don’t know how him Pinckney them f**king eat.

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