Met what a piece a mix up inna di Sunday yah! Mi deh bussit dance last night and see man lookalike kimesha with dah cheap gyal sashana (aka) redz. Now mi confuse because Guinness and Samantha deh years and Kim come pon di scene and a war wid Sam over Guinness all buss up her head, sash and Sam is supposed to be best frens suh how comes all of a sudden Kim and sash tun big fren? Sash you is a big hypocrite a suh yu walk and beg fren from ppl and carry news, all Sam a idiot too because you was Guinness one time f**k and then you guh fren Sam. Sam have baby fi Guinness now and Kim nearly dead and tru Kim and Guinness leff you run guh fren yu best fren matey? no sah this is why I don’t keep no fren a foreign!


3 thoughts on “MIAMI RECYCLE

  1. Sender you never know seh dirty redz a hypocrite Kmt, all the one weh she love talk bout best friend miss p you know how much chat she chat her wid ppl

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