1. Nah man she good, Apple will understand every word because dem vocabulary deh pon the same height.

  2. SCREENING at the top of my LUNGS “HAPPY BDAY Princess Apple!!!!!”Many Apple returns!Later will be GRATER! Michiboo it is the thought that counts so u get a bly on this most joyous occasion dearie.


    1. They’re in production, but titled “Scammers doing feds time” “Bleaching is the New Black” “Plastic Geriatric Sluts at their Best”

      Cheerio Mettie O’dear :kiss

      Morning early Saturday risers… YardieT 😀

      1. Nice titles PP xoxo.Star a still Star oo!Starbwoy n Star girl nutten can’t do them till show a done! Them mek the show of life nice,are you not entertained dearest PP?

        1. Lolololololol… entertained to the stars and beyond, dearest YardieT.

          Me spirit can deal with her out a all a dem still 😀 😀

  3. But tenisha images read it and write the same screening to rass. I guess they went to the same school

  4. Yardie T good morning To u and ur families. Come ya mi wa know y u idolized Apple so much, cause she’s not someone who does the right thing. Just enlighten me please!

    1. Sweetest Genuine u a go life long long till them haffi sun yuh!! A day b4 yesterday mi mind run pon yuh n I figured uve been extra busy. Mi love 4 Apple jus flow natural n mi can’t quite put mi finger pon it.

      Is same way Sharon a tek side man Livie fi 28yrs straight as of Thursday gone with her Babyfather SIZE.Damn Kleptomaniac teef,beat,cheat,lie,borrow,run off pon har,use up majority of her bleaching supplies but yet she still keep party to celebrate every time (16x n counting)him come from jail!She really can’t give a rationale other than she just nah lef him.

      Mi nah lef out Princess Apple comes what may,is like I don’t need air cuz I breathe her.

      Stay sweet n Genuine
      PP u onto something cuz mi spirit jus tek u too so maybe it all due to spirit-taking oo!


  5. Dis is a case where a few cake and balloon emojis would suffice. No sah. As to the sender who asked what movies apple star in here are some titles you can check out along with those PP listed:
    The Pink Partner- drama about a woman who woke up to find her man has mysteriously turned pink.
    No without my Dawta- a documentary about a mom(Christine) who wants to do ALL things with her dawta.(EWW)
    Tran Wrecks- a comedy about a group of women ppl mistakenly take for tran-sexuals due to their bad plastic surgery, The women fed up with being called trannys enter a drag competition, (spoiler alert) and won!

    1. Ain’t even gonna front..this bad bad.Indeed Princess Apple movie of life is filled with some interesting characters n everybody play a role.

  6. Right up Apple education level,in each others eyes this is superb english,spelling, grammar nd all.

  7. Is there grammar and literacy classes in Michie boo’s second home aka prison…what’s so special about declaring that she’s friends with Apple anyway
    If she rated education more than she rates people her life would’ve turned out better it wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in today

  8. Ok happle it’s a Gemini that why she f**k every sex out there. And very corrupt TOO.No good to her heart, if it’s not beneficial to her %100 she won’t help

  9. @2 sugar and milk mi nah laugh .lol .you and me cracking up. Birds of the same features really flock together.because ambitious, smart and hard working people always hang out together and the thieves, scammers ,dunce and non ambitious stick together. Apple nuh have no good heart.Mitchiboo don’t know good hearted people .Mitchiboo a thief also. #1 a thief is a selfish person and a redeye person and them heart is dirty that’s why they take stuff that doesn’t belong to them.everything apple steal and scam, cost somebody. Mitchiboo,u need to go back to basic or jamal school and bring apple with you because we need to understand uno posting and Webster dictionary cannot translate fi uno language. Uno big and stupid fi big people.

  10. Manners a respect yawdy T mi spirit tek u too. Muaaaash! U mine how u a tek up fi Apple, cause she same one will tun round a cussss u cause she doesn’t know how to appreciate good people. You better tek har a teach her some good etiquette! Mi na lie you yawdy u fren lean baddddddddddddd u Betta gi har two sticks fi har Birth strong.

  11. Big pu××y apple and no one is friend bitch don’t even like har own a mumma so plzz.. apple badminton and grudge everybaddi wid har ugly self. Apple life long dreams and aspirations is to be like Camille Lee she always talk it. Ole grazmite
    Can’t stand this wicked bitch if people actually know AKwele Lawes they would despise her she is the definition of wicked I don’t know where this Ole priso bud thiefING bussup baddi Michieboo know bout apple hem muss did thief together before she run weh from England Ole germs

  12. She’s cancer not Gemini ,I never knew mitchee had 16 yr old twins.i see on her page that she’s working as a chef, thought theifin was her full time career

  13. Anonymous 8.26 get the duck outa here
    Who the f**k is camille lee bitch pls
    Camille leave apple alone n go suck a pussie how you drop een u too f**n nuff we didn’t even remember u basic bitch

  14. CAMILLE LEE IS IN A CLASS BY HERSELF. All now no one can duplicate fi ar birthday party a few years back. Now that was a party….

  15. mitchie boo dont know apple from no where a when jay did go england him meet michie boo and a so apple know her so dem nah come from no where jay and him gal walk and look friend from all regulars jay fi stop keep dance a jamaica cause deh people dem a jamaica dont like him at all some english bad boy diss him up a jamaica cause him a pussy apple a fool she a her idiot friend dem section 8 bitches no ambition bitches

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