Metty dash dis up nuh fi me. Mikey Versace promoter from inna Lundun weh use to f**k one gal from Luton. Him nah pay him maintenance and she deh pon My time timeline. Fi dem who nuh know My time ah one African gal who is with child fi yet ah next man weh nobody see, she did ah bawl bout child maintenance and put up status ah bash man dem who nah pay. Mi know of Mikey baby madda but Mikey did ah gi har bun wid mi friend from Luton and ah next one from Bristol. how dem gal so blind den bawl bout child support when tings mash up. Ah dem shoulda know seh if anyting mash up dem fi do weh dem has to fi di child and low bashing man dem on status.
Anyway Mikey yuh deh yah, Pink wall under yuh nasty rawse. Mnl.



    1. This look like Sophisticat phrasing and if mi nuh mistaken that is her logo up top deh. She couldnt low di opportunity fi promote? This was on Mytime status and cat run in and start chat shit so ah more than likely she. What I want to know is wah wrong with this pisstail ole tired stay bad ooman name Cat? Yuh too nuff cat same reason nuff people ah lose offa you. You have people all bout di world ah trace you from Matterhorn to Terrian to people inna country but before you fix up your stay bad character you ah promote more f**kry kmpct. :shutup:
      Mikey big up yuhself likewise Alize. Mi friends with both and shit happens but this doh mek it so whoever put it pon pinkwall go suck yuh madda.

  2. good morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd others…
    Met mi a drop awf yuh knw need fi lit up yuh indox just find mi self extra rass busy from wah day but nuh watch nuh face aguh set yuh ting nice fi yuh knw dem way deh as tuh dis yah chread nd landyann she :bingung

  3. A suh wen man reject some nasty gal dem chat all type of shit mi kno some body who know di nasty gal mi hear seh di man nah look pon it and she use to a stalk him a did one f**k Weh di man gi har she want back n can’t get back she f**k so much man and still can’t leave di rass man alone if child support involved wat di f**k shi rass want

  4. This breeding machine 3kids 5-14-16 and how many pass 1-2-3-4-5-6 them sole resting in the right place…. need to get a job and stop breed fi man and running them down fi them money …. bitch why you man left you….him rate you only man which own you up and it look like him si di devil and run ….di boy life look much better without you drankro you never look good beside him you get a simple youth which no have much but him always do him best fi lok good and make a woman feel good…. bitch mi ago keep him cocky active him have nuff woman but a you him did check fah….a who breed you this time ?????? cah him nah sae a word and that aint like him if a him get rid of it bitch and stop destroy man name cah nobody no want you….mikey make di bitch suffer drive hp car and live off tax-payer money and think she gods gift satan never like you go on about you babyfather and none around you waste gal run down man fi money if you did worth it mikey would a pay it bitch get a life.

  5. all of you sorry ass women are condoning his behavior, HIM FEH PAY HIM CHILD SUPPORT, that is what the story is about. fool ,fool idiot women, most of you who might also have kids and the daddy naw support them. Lady Ann, yuh cousin nuh good a rawse, him is a sperm donor, tell me what so good about that? him feh clean and him pickinee naked?

  6. Nasty gal tek Weh yuh rass nasty self you a get money from child support yu upset becah di man nah shit pon yuh nasty rass him never want yuh fram day 1 n him will never want yuh if him never care him wouldn’t Mek child support deal wid him ting nasty gal any ting yuh fi get csa will deal wid it but yuh a look a buss off a di man name wen di man nah look pon yuh bout baby moda guh suck yuh muma yuh f**k out di whole a di dance a di one f**k Weh miky gi yuh yuh cah get ova tek Weh yuh rass self no matter wat yuh do him nah guh luk pon yuh look how much belly yuh dash Weh but yuh feel yuh could hold him wid Pickney yuh leave all di way from Luton fi stalk di man n him still nah look pon yuh but him a fool is a injunction him fi tek out pon yuh nasty rass you a breed now fi next man and still cah get over di 1 f**k Weh yuh get guh chuck off ova Landon bridge nasty gal n leave good people alone fah him don’t want yuh

  7. The last child pass 5 she haffi breed fi get more child support money to maintain her lifestyle,di one boy mi see fall fi her she cant even hold him,mi glad him wake up and stop treat her like she a somebody.

  8. she a breed againnnnnnnnnn in dance no man present a who breed her my girl you look disgraceful it don’t look good every dance you ina with you belly what kind of example is that for you kids and you putting up statement about woman playing role model as a dad i got 4 boys, 1 girl,a mortgage, a job, a q7, i don’t get no help from none of there dads i use to get frustrated so i sort out myself and now i don’t need to depend on no one,and i aint crying like you bitches you so call lady’s only know how to live off benefits and depend on man grow the f..k up most of you kids at school in the day no excuse mans are not all waste man you woman pick up dace-hall man which is an investment they cant afford to pay out from as a woman who you open you leg for and breed for if you know the man aint got shit dont expect nothing facts

  9. versace you have a big daughter 31-33 year old daughter a ja who him never mind what make this done out dancehall whore pussy gal think she deserve any better treatment bitch sit your ass down and get a job and stop breed fi man and run them down fi money have some ambition 3 kids the senders said you have no man for a mother bitch u fail ambition worthless mother

  10. Rass see this late lol mikey get tek to court he go fast up him own self to csa the girl have her rich kids dad dem run business mek she keep fooling wanna mikey a pay £5 a week and nah pay it for 6 years but a drive jaguar with private plate always in the bookies and yes me did see on her insta him with the child wanna people a clown when last you see dem rass man guh Jamaica stop call off the gal name she run weh that man after him beg her tings so what if she want support it’s him fi mind the child any way mikey a one old man who ever a keep dance but a claim benefits run him history good and proper Nuh and nuff a wanna stinking gal in dance bag a kids and teef all day long fi next dance fi hype talking bout hp wanna bank manager nah even lend unna a dollar credit score zero leave people kids low rass people

  11. Ratid Versace again bout clean what a fool fool ting fi put up unna really blame the gal fi wanting the sperm donor fi mind him own a child a wah dis dem man deh all dem duh is hype inna dance wid dem stale self she far better than Tanya Edwards him other baby mudda who been a prison bout a hundred times and gi birth 3 rass times inna deh suh fi selling a class a and a teef breed fi ico blacks and him point blank deny that rass child so a dem waste gal Tanya wid 5 kids and gran pickney fi get diss suh now that’s a real waste woman deh suh

  12. cat go put dis up & her own family ain’t minding his daughter u better tell Craig go mind his child and stop watch people business LMFAO pot calling kettle black

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