1. Cause dem a chat sah a him a fuk d batty boy antsman platuim now an a next boy mi si dem post pin a next site mikey love dash wud like him a gal him all a dash word pon him ex lover jason

  2. Mickey u over yah every day a read cause u bothered about wah ppl a sah bput u ppl wah noh bothered dont mention nothing all a uno over yah a day time a read soh uno a fan a pinkwall

  3. Trust me mickey botherd cause u is a man if things noh bother u u would keep it pushing but u over yah every day like gal a watch wah ppl a post bout u a u sah u a celeb soh wah u expect ppl noh fi chat u a act like u a saint u is no saint u r BORTHERED soh tap chat cause even if u know a who a chat u all u affi dou a block dem u tink because u hang out inna ghetto ppl fraid a u my yout goh hold a meds an move up

  4. And u a man stop post dash wud like u a gal is like uno have no back bone or self esteem but then again , u is a GIRL

  5. Mikey tun go go now all a guh pan top a chair fi dance. All a call slim gyal fi come dance and none nuh go. Mi did embarrass fi him. Met yuh nuh get da scoop deh? Nuh mussy Jason him did a try show off pan. Jason muss dead wid laugh.

  6. All the Nino she go live a defend shameless n she nu stop dun him how she nu want him bk cuz him nave nu ambition.. Nino u shoulda send some a di sandz money come giv har mayb dem Wudnt bangle har Ina Macy’s fi thieving… From Mikey,dougie to antsman and the others need fi jus join force n come out with them series “mystery ladies of dancehall” since dem Eva wa drop wud n we confuse bout dem gender

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