Dear Met,Metters and Peepers,

I am sure all of us throughout our daily going outs and coming ins,are constantly faced with the question “should I mind my own business? ” I had two such encounters and it piqued my curiosity wanting to know what others would’ve done. Apparently it gives insight into your character/type of person you are as to when you choose to mind your business.


She had just brought out the 10 days old baby, for fresh air she said. I greeted her and she came over to show me her baby. I was so proud how this old viagro warboat of a woman had settled down and my friend was now a Mother again. Met I looked at the baby and swallowed hard at what I saw.She asked over and over again “isn’t he a cutie pie???” I kept smiling and drilling my brain to repeat “grandma use to sey if u don’t have nutten good to say, don’t sey nothing! ”

Ms.F comes along to fass “mek me see him?”My fren shows her the lil boy.Met believe you me that I’ve seen the wicked work of Satan in the flesh!!Ms.F smiling, chuckling told my friend

“You know what old time people sey how them type of baby grow pretty fi true! ”

My friend asked what type,boy baby?
Ms.F look at me then my friend and said Yes with a smile. I had to make a decision do I tell my friend the correct saying is that “ugly pickney grow pretty fi true?” My friend has never been the brightest but definitely the baddest. Even now I wonder like how my fear of the baby getting harm in a tussle is gone if I must tell her what Ms.F did or keep minding my own business? ?30 odd years mi know mi friend Met so it grieve me to feel like me let her down.

Incident 2

I heard crying the night it was after Midnight, the wailing sounded familiar so I went into the lane.sure enough it was him beating his baby mother Again! This is the 2nd time and nothing had changed about his insistance that she a give away “HIS things (by things I mean vaggieburger) round the road.They both give me a look like I’m interrupting so I left.

Chilling pon a ends and I see the babymom but she nuh see me.I asked my friend about what she doing these parts and he explained there’s a homework center where she carry her child in the evenings for extra lessons. I asked him if he’s sure is not a man she gone check and he said he’s not sure but he knows her child going to homework classes. He asked why I asked and when I told him that mr.D a beat her fi cheating. My friend who is a taxi man start telling me about the amount of girls him drop off various places for Mr d who a sort them out.

Therefore he is the one cheating and a beat the girl. it started weighing on my mind do I tell mr D a school for their child she going and save her a beating?Remember they say 3 a death so anything can happen if he beats her again. Or do I mind my own business? I did see her pass back with the child for true but I don’t know what is happening by the school with her and whoever.


  1. Senda bwoy mi love u encounters dem u si lol, scenario 1 mi wouldn’t tell friend bout di UGLY baby he will grow it out some always does because every baby is pretty/ cute to their parents (spare a heart break and a dussing out)…..2 piece a mi deb tell Mr D an another piece deb leave it alone deb one yah sticky senda naw lie

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