Dear met I wonder if any of your readers know this man ?
I want to know if he has a woman or what . He has been looking me for a while now and said he’s called Andrew but something about him seems suspicious. I don’t want to be involved in no mix up. I recently moved to London and starting going to dances but I never see him out yet he seems to know everybody Kmt please help me out cos I don’t want to start nothing with him and find out he has a bag of woman!


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  1. Dwl….just hold on honey…pink wall deh yah fi yuh honey….I’m sure the London crew soon pass tru…but if your gut is telling you something ain’t right….9 out of 10 times you’re right…

    However! I never trust these kinds of post because if you’re actually interested in the man and let’s say him no inna di hype life…you really think he will appreciate you putting him on pink wall honey? All that to say this…I’m not even sure this is someone who just start talk to di man….could be a chick weh did ah deal wid him fi ah while an waan info tru she feel or find out ah nuh she alone….

  2. Its always nice to seek background… and consider the info you receive.. but not everyone treats everybody the same. For example.. I cheated on nearly every man I ever had.. but this last one.. 2 years and I havent cheated yet! (what? Im just being honest..dont act like Im the only one!)

    BUT – if you have his street name and legal name…google is your friend! Do your own background check….

  3. Again asked the man whatever you want to know, instead of asking other people because you don’t have a clue if someone is telling you the real or fake about him, ask the man himself since he a look you… Then however his response are you would know if he is telling the truth or not and go from there… I understand that you don’t want to be in any mix up but you are the new meat on the block so to speak and all the men is going to look you!

  4. The folly in relying on gossip from strangers in order to discern whether to talk to this man or not…. Go google the Mandela effect so you can see how skewed recolection can be… What if someone who’s jealous of him hits up the wall? Would you rely on their opinion? It all balls down to you having your own brain and forming your own opinions, you are capable of doing that right?

  5. Y everybody bashing this girl it’s true cause him luck me tu n my friends n him have woman ah yard!! Girl run him rass! Him all did deh wiid one girl weh we know n she never want him, Yuh have ah right feh want feh know and ask questions!

  6. I didn’t ask for no clever remarks or sarcasm if you know him you know him if not don’t bother commenting. I just wanted to know if he’s being real. If he is genuine I will hold my hands up and tell him what I did he should be flattered I care so much ………..

    1. You get what you ask for and everything you don’t when you take to a mixup site together info ? You can’t be for real ….if you’re that suspicious that’s your gut telling you leave him alone…or how about you feel him out long enough to get reliable info on him if you really interested but you can’t send in post and expect people to respond the way you want them too. If you come here regular, you should know. That by now, so be for real Miss.

  7. Stash milli him call himself him walk and look every dance hall gal and him live with him baby mother he was f**g that gal from north west Likkle black candy marisha sister but she run gone back gone duck money coz yaneek left money so fool fool candy run go tek him back never see one gal so fool all the diss money diss candy

  8. I always look in pink wall I’ve had it on my Facebook for a while now. My friend suggested it as a joke initially to find out about him but I thought it was a good idea !! So I guess it was the right decision then ……… Is he called stash milli then ?? He sounds very mix up. Even though I’m Jamaican I went to school here so I’m not really up to date with dancehall gossip I just love the dances. Thank you for the advice anyway much appreciated!!

  9. His woman call him name in a every dance video, Stash Milli lol. Is up to yesterday he was involved in the Kim Kardas naked video on here. So go read that post too luv.

  10. I’m not getting involved good old pink wall dished the dirt I’ve deleted his number now. Funny thing is lucky British used to look me too and always telling me he want to spend his money on me and all those things. We went for a drink and dinner then a mind told me to look for him on pink wall dwl the amount a dirt I see in here bout him make me sick I think I will find a nice White man these dancehall man too narsty for me !!!!!!

  11. @Miss Doo Doo
    If you can’t take the heat then stay out the kitchen. Don’t come on a gossip site that’s built on opinions and idle chatter and give everyone a schematic to follow with regards to how you want us to respond your foolish inquiry. You sound like a brain dead teenage trying to dig up dirt on a man who’s pursing you romantically. If you’re not attracted to the way he looks then you should have never formed any form of contact with him in the first place.I guess you’re trying to figure out whether he has money or not huh? Delete his number and go after the dirty white manI’m sure you’re normally attracted to anyway. I bet your mouth doesn’t even produce saliva anymore, most likely produces semen from all the white Kocky you blow off…

  12. Ha ha ok annoymous I suppose this is your man ? You seem very angry lol for what reason I don’t know. It’s not a cussing website you don’t know me therefore your illiterate opinions don’t count and I’m not offended because guess why …….????? You don’t f**g know me lol. You are looking for someone to trace good luck ! Oh and by the way I’m 32 not a teenager and I don’t just f**k a man because I’m attracted to him I’m well within my rights to ask if anyone knows if he has a woman or not. Unlike you I have self respect and don’t thrive off drama and mixup or aspire to be someone’s matey for a bit of chump change! Check yourself before you try to check me illiterate annoymous kmt

  13. Miss dirty boo boo I bet you but even know how to wash ur dirty draws or clean yu rass house ( if you have one) listen for stash to look you, u would have to know somethink about him and further more him live wid him bby madda and did a look a f**k and suck affa you dum fool ! You could never be 32 and wanting ppl man, ppl I bet this boo boo a somebody weh upset wid stash and send in him pic just because him f**k too and duck you poor you if you did tan right and was wife material you would a have a good man long time, you pussy wah fix my girl, 32 and still don’t find a man to wife you kmt

    1. If stash as u call him, live wid him baby mother and still sexing outside, its the baby mother who is the fool. The girl explained herself pretty well, why u a mad and a try show up yourself? Man claiming is nothing, self respect is everything.

  14. lol I guess you Tina Hype must be his baby mother or one of his side chicks !! Why you so angry dwl and why are you trying to cuss me when you have no idea how I look where I live or what sort of life I lead. Your a joke I’m not interested in him so he’s all yours Tina Hype or is it the baby mother with low self esteem who can’t leave him Kmt anyway enjoy your evening ladies I sure will.

    Ps thanks for understanding met much love

  15. Stash milli a one whole crew a dem par and walk and look every germs & rucks him babymada sash milli is part of the dog pound crew name fit them bad she strong caw him always on the hunt gwaan like him have money and bruk borrow my money one time bout him a invest and all now run girl run as far as you can name junior him did claim,sash is it worth it

  16. @Miss Doo Doo
    Bytch, you should be the last person calling anyone illiterate, when your retard azz can’t even discern when to use the words “Your” from “you’re”. Give me a break you dumb bytch, you’re nothing more than a trashy 32 year old bimbo bytch, who’s trying to use pink wall as a think tank in order to figure out if you will benefit from giving this man a phuck. You’re a groupie bytch who has more puzzy mileage than JetBlue. Now which classy woman would come on a gossip site and use it as a decisive factor on whether to date a specific guy or not? You’re too old for this childish shyt Miss Doo Doo, if you come across as a teenager and you’re in your 30’s then something seems drastically wrong with your maturity. Grow up! You old bytch, make your maturity match your salt and pepper pubes.

  17. Ok sash bless you. I don’t want your man so please calm down. If my pussy has so much mileage on it imagine what yours is like lol…….seen as your man is hunting new pussy on a regular basis ….?? I don’t need no mans money I have 2 businesses that do very well thank you. Not everybody is like you Kmt. If I want to use pink wall I will it’s not my fault your man tried to look me. Now have some self respect … Actually shit I forgot you don’t have any lol. Leave this now you’re totally embarrassing yourself. Oh by the way I know who is now and he is definitely not for me so he’s all yours …. Oops I mean he’s all of London dancehall chicks. The only person you should be mad with you illiterate piece of shit is your so called man cos he clearly has no respect for you, that’s why he f***s out on you all the time. Now go and do some kegal exercise’s and try tighten up your Pussy and maybe he will stop f***g other people. Dumb ass bitch !! The man clearly don’t rate you and you know it that’s why your mad!! If your a part of this so called dog pound maybe your man should join too!! Woof woof ugly ass bitch oh and tell your man to get some colon cleanse his belly is big and hard like your tough face. Now kindly f**k off you man mascot dog shit. Don’t draw me out just f**k off now kmft

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