Metty…jus adding to an earlier story…these ppl are killing me….lol…look at the minibride dress and the reserved by a kindergartener sign for Mr. Hollywood…they need to hold several seats Caz dem story stale out n dry now…mi fed up see Paulette giraffe head and har puppet pon a string-a-long…when Mr. Hollywood done and fed up bag har head mi hope di proceedings of this party can hold har down…Kmft dem horrible

0 thoughts on “MINI HOLLYWOOD

  1. Met she an Corey get married wat the f**k is she wearing ,f***kink clown them no tired fe man f**k them out.

  2. Lord have mercy ,Jesus peace a wa this Bronx tun up f**kie f**kie that the name for the two sister Claudette paulatte not to mention the daughter. Seacret f**ker that a Nast y family.

  3. Whoooooooooooo met tex a send from ever angle say the party flapppppppppp. Sunday night them f**k off everybody man nasty gal them Beatle juice the pussy sucker an batty eater did they a the party a wait pon money but him never get none wat a shame .them two ugly donkey face sister

  4. Met nobody like them Corey is only using paulatte fe ar little money these two sista alway a mine man with them money an don’t pay them bill alway a get evicted they sit an wait on the goverment money fe di handicap the foodstamps them teck it an mind the man them a jamaica an newyork Corey is so fake him all did a look me me just tell him noooooooooooooooooooo.

  5. Met when you want drama come a the Bronx these two sista a the talk a Bronx them so call friend a tex from the party say it flapppppppp but picture a send how them fava dancehall clown met me say a angella fe show how them look them put the hair in a one a now them ugly omg. The f**king gal them ugly Natalie just sit down an a look pon them in a the party an a laugh but she beg two ting an wet them up

  6. Miss ting how u know a ting in a the bootle them ,suppose it was piss with a little shit anyway claudatte use to f**k moxon the woman wey name Valerie junglist want kill fe are man these girl is very nasty them always a be a night time them beg drinks

  7. The two sista an daughter 3big dutty hore nasty dog shit them them don’t play fe f**k them think people don’t know about them ,them need fe stop leave the handicap in a the house an go a party that why the little gal the come out a the house when them gone a party

  8. No man can’t wet me up with moscado aces a spade me say awey the man wey she did a f**k a jamaica they manga girls rush a him she did a boast pon paulatte she sneaking she love chat people she chat ar family with people out a street wicked gal that

  9. Paulette u really take up a one eye man Corey have one eye you really desperate if you did have one eye him would not want you enos say him now want now one eye man . Paulatte you soon f**k a drag queen

  10. 2weeks relation ship hot like a fire it ago bun up fire fire in the Bronx. Helppppppppppppppp. Pussy they pon fire

  11. me naw lie me shame fe them.but do leave the kids out they not responsible.dutty kelisha f**k out gal .the people them a read you out now .you use to act like you decent and u a dutty f**ka gal. you think the man did a go leave him good woman fe you .him f**k you out and leave vex bitch age is just a f**king number.the man dont want a dutty dancehall gal.

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