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  1. And she had the nerve to say she’ll well educated????!!!!!!!
    Her country? She’s Native American?
    Good Lord help them!

  2. Is which unintelligent illiterate cockroach is this don’t even know the correct use of am n I’m bout educated hi hello a 4.0 in cockroach college DOES NOT equate to a 4.0 in human college Okayyyyyyyyyy kmft damn ass

  3. Den watch whey she hab on inna di ppl dem dance bout she rich GO SOOOOOOO OVA DESSO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> take every rass seat damn dodo bird

  4. Mi did affi read dis rubbish ’bout two times, an still nuh get di gist. Mi know mi not exactly current wid what a gwaan inna the lives of non-factor, waste-of-space people….but ah wen since dem sell out ‘Merica to har??? Mongrel ah you put ‘Merica inna recession, so guh hold a seat inna one GED class and give social network ah break. Your unintelligence is criminal!!!! kmt

    1. recession it cyah come out of all now so mi nuh know which wealth she a talk and di skirt suit feva mi nuh know wha fi say

  5. dat bitch is educated an neva use no fullstop!! she use pure comma all wen dem no needed!!

    you educated and you spelt a few words wrong? somebody really hurt up yuh head boo, u can compete so u want delete dem outta di country. u sound mad hurt boo boo

      1. met u know mi feel bad, cuz wi shouldn’t a cuss di retarded among us.

        she luk like she wear pampazz and har suit luk like it cumeth from walmart :nohope

          1. u doe easy! weh u say met it don’t look good… haahahahaaa :ngakak :ngakak

  6. One last ting Ms. Owna Gyal…before yuh drag people all oba yuh country…memba fi drag out yuh thirsty wig an washout shorty pajama outfit pon garbage day. Cah yuh face fava when sun tek dead bullfrog.

  7. but look pon dis ediot ah talk bout rich me ah dwl if u so rich n educated wtf u doin inna dirty dancehall ah nite time she fava any ghetto rat n clearly har writing skills is not even at 2nd grade level

  8. Heh haaayyyyyyy, wooooiiii mine a har bed she a guh ina that, and smaddy call her and she forget to change her shortie nighty, bwoy if a suh me fi rich and look might as well mi gwane through poor.Poppy show at her best in America.

  9. This is what no child left behind gets us, someone who writes run on sentences riddled with grammatical errors, placing commas where they have no business being. I shudder at the thought that you consider yourself educated. I writhe in pain at each mis-spelled word. There is no S needed on Designer it is a collective noun when taken in the context used in your tirade. These and many other lessons in basic sentence construction I learned in my ‘Jamiaican” school days . Thank god for The New First Aid in English, my can go anywhere ass learned that education is fundamental from my once undocumented mumma wha come yah come wuk fi sen me go good school … Smegma take a minute to look that up

  10. Sheriffa ugly nuh Fck
    Dis gal a chat real talkkkkkkkk!
    Sheriffa & har stinkin crew need a reality check
    Dem tuff & bleach out & uglyyyy my god ! Every other day
    Dem an smaddy else a war over man if anuh tashine Barbie n Lisa a war over nico
    Is sheriffa & plenty other over plenty man unu a 22-23 & unu look like unu ah 50
    Sheriffa mi hear say u nuh stop run down Paul Range & Smooth go sit down

  11. LOl this girl acting better than fellow Jamaicans i am sure she have some Jamaican blood in her somewhere based of the words she used,Since i have been in america and have been going to parties that i don’t do often or even going to dance hall i have never seen a wealthy person,most people who have certain things used to get it illegal n deh jail or some people have little things and say they are wealthy,i bet anything she is not wealthy and that fake pride is not good because people who born in America are also a scum to the system so no need to just point out Jamaicans

    1. dwrl…den a which ooman out deh coulda gi la lewis dem kratches? Not even if him wealthy like ms sweetnessdecoy an ar fambily oh. Well den again di two a dem can par di way how dem rich lol

  12. But mi haffi pass back ova ya is wat dat she have on????????
    Mi say know one Haitian lady whey setup stall outside har building pon clarkson street inna Brooklyn a she mi see a sell dem nightie deh fi $7 , and this wealthy girl well pose off inna dance inna it where they do that at??!!!!???!ditch GTFOH it’s best to keep ur fingers still n let ppl assume say u have sense than to use them n show how much of an asshole u really are

  13. Watch how di finger dem fava when u dip chicken foot inna boiling water no sahhhhhhhh fi har form of wealthy mi no like it mi no want it eeda

  14. Evening met n metters :peluk :peluk please tell me a nuh she did up yah wid har ugly skin gal libaty taking bad

  15. Dis wealthy lady means healthy Unuh too good… Shi skip pass rich and reach a wealthy look so noooo sarrr.. Delusional at its best.
    Hi metty how you dozzen? Big up jmg bloggers… Chuetty i sawrrs you :peluk :hoax


  16. How the gal yah keep talk bout she well educate when she wrote correct so far! Unnu dunce like a bat .. And unnu batty look like u wear pull up.. Gal gweh cuz no type a clothes look good and u legs them look nasty and mark up like u sick

  17. Wanna be light skin bitch guh sit unnu black ass down stop bleach and let’s see whe u really look like .. An bitch u nah have country u nobody

  18. How dare you? You all love talking about passport/Americans and your country and yet you have nothing going on for you dumb bitch. Rich people are unbothered and its obvious that you are rattled and hating that is why you resort to classifying people as immigrants, bitch the only people that can claim this land is native americans, and you are not one of them. You all hate Jamaicans because we make it anywhere, papers or no papers, you have a passport and it has done
    anything for you. Likewise, let me get you right together, you need to have stayed in school, you are uneducated and your writing skills are poor. On another note, you are not rich, girl go take several seats .

  19. this lil bleachers is crazy pls don’t take her serious me watch news and all big business owner weh rich wit assett ah give up them American blue book gone go take residence inna other ppl country nutten nuh deh lef America unno rile up ova dis lil illerate dancehall skets weh can barely construct a proper grammar

  20. she wealthy? and cant afford a tutor? :cool

    and that remark bout going to jamaica to make someone suck her sons dick is plain ignorant and disgusting.

  21. Den mi neva kno seh rich people dress suh in a party….. Da gal fava one ball a tissue cum tek u nasty rich self and come wipe out di whole a wi batty…..bout educated KMFT bitch yu don’t look good yu seh yu rich but obviously yu dress f**kn cheap… Yu nuh like jamaican but yet still yu want carry yu son guh Jamaica fi mek dem suck him hood, why di f**k yu nuh guh suck it yuself, remember seh unu have college degree when it comes to sucking cocky eeh nuh because from birth unu mumma a teach unu how fi suck as unu open unu mouth dem gi unu pacifier fi suck…suh nuh badda wait till yu guh Jamaica just gwaan do it yuself, no educated person wud eva seh dem ago mek nuh baddie suck dem pickney hood…a grudge di bitch grudge wi because nuh rich jamaican naw guh dance look suh

  22. Mi affi laff. Met, yuh kno seh de emoticon dem look better dan ar. I hope de emoticon dem nuh feel insulted wid de association. Bout shi wealthy. Ar getup look like Salvation Army reject. She fava wet rat wrap up inna toilet paper. Poor ting.

  23. I hope yuh wealthy people dem left yuh a high chair inna yuh will…yuh lily short ugly midget yuh :bola


  25. Before me read anybody comment mek me address dis likkle teenager roach. My girl a which country u referring to? U one own a country? Can’t Merica a your country cause u no resemble nobody from no Indian tribe. Secondly, unnu quick fi talk bout immigration but if it wasn’t fi di sed jamaican dem what identity would unnu have? F**kin wannabe a chat nonsense, go back a Africa go figure out a which country a your own n stop chat nonsense eediat uneducated fool…some a unnu a some shit swallowaz n a chat like unnu a first class citizens!!! If jamaican no shit unnu cyan nyam cause a desso yuh identity deh.
    Bye Felicia!!!


  27. But look pon r unnuh evea see she laugh de way she ugly she cah laugh wowwwww watch her pic dem her skin ugly bad watch de leg dem r f***kin head big and a pure cheap clothes dot wear an she rich she hate we so bad an a mingle wid we everynite inna a we Jamaica dance dem unnuh fe throw shit pon r


    1. Hold on Prinny??? A which Prinny dis the one whey dem dash up pon di page whey dem say har husband tongue have lickyvitis a u dis Prinny???? U know da stay bad girl here?????

  29. Met is really that chucky bride a the batam ya a pose write or wrote that statement up a top lard god chucky bride out a road .

  30. @westwood : America don’t belong to Native American ,it really belongs to the black Americans. History Native American which is the Indians them was crossing looking for India and they got lost in Maine and that’s where they settle.. It’s a lot of info on american native Indians but I’m tired from working all day ..

  31. yall go back and do American history.. yuh see how yall disrespectful and ghetto look how yall talking don’t even know me.. I did .u.s history at Kingsborough college its not me make it up and for yur info I got a B in that class yuh people so nasty damn a bet most of yall come from the ghetto on here..

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