Then she gone pon TVJ this morning a talk bout how fi talk to people pon Social Media. Marcia mek sure say u nuh use nuh pickney up a Red Hills wen u a shoot yuh ole time flim dem since dem dunce yuh ole shrivel b*tch.




  1. What the tarra naught this woman go tweet?

    Tell you bout bitches of “unsound” pretense :ngakak

  2. This piss me off.. That’s the beautiful thing about being young u learn as you go on. Who gives 2 raas if dem no know dat. I bet they know it now. This old tuff crackers has no right to use those words to describe the kids.
    Bish u lucky Its not one of mine. Old miserable bish.
    *cut me eye

  3. Barbados??? Really! dem shoulda know fi true. We good good music although it kinda change likkle still, all a dem other country copy we tings an we style. Barbados might rich but Mi island full a talent although some a dem sick mentally still…anyways big up Mi country an big up pink wall eno to di universe :pertamax

  4. OMG these are children and if we as adult can get flustered when we inna spotlight much less, why she a behave so…a wah her menopause a kick in sigh..all a call the people dem pickney dunce dam ole shribble up bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fcuk Barbados,gay capital of the Windies!i got to understand recently they call battyfish there “Bulla”!Our good Jamaican Bulla has been corrupted.I simply cannot have a bulla n cheese agen!

    Fcuk the ministryofculture cuz clearly not much is being/was being done to promote reggae,nor in the schools for them to know.

    Special Fcuk off to Ole hyprocrite Marcia.This govt has many priorities but we all agree they need to fix that Disgusting Gap inna ur mash mouth before them fix the 300yrs old flat bridge problem.We,motorists will wait,not a problem!

    I saw it on tVJ this morn n the whole time I kept saying how fake n snobbish can this lady be?Attacking children,like seriously,whats wrong with u?Fcuk off with all of them ya mon!Marcia go SiDDung 1Side n pattex ur teeth oo!

    1. YardieT (meek n mild tone) why you causing me to de work and a hold me chest, love? Why?

      Your reference of infrastructural defects and project time table nearly caused me to drop out the people dem chair. Do such mischief after 4:30 on :sup2: Mondays are free days lolololololol

      tonks, in advance :beer:

      :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  6. Woieeeee Yardie u fi behave urself eno man cho….but on a serious note u caan a style people Pitney suh the brightest of the brightest make mistakes too gi di pickney Dem a break. U mussi nuh get no koki from when.

  7. she is right ,its a shame ask dem about phone, snap chat , insta, fb and more they would’Ve KNOWN, I ALWAYS SAY THESE THINGS this generation doesnt know nothin about history .their mine is onn vanity of the world if dem did ask a who sing down in a u throat they would kno ,not all but most.. if it was my chilld one box , as u hear reggae music u kno a jamaica kmt

  8. People like her oppress children and discourage them from learning. This is distasteful, disrespectful and clearly that Marcia woman is a part of the problem!

    1. Hi! Come back here :tabrakan: or better yet… send da docket de to: likeacopcar.78@gmail :cekpm

      Since the school curriculum classiest and the children learn wha uptown enact then they can learn Marcia business pon the ghetto grapevine after its “tenants” carry it from yah so!


  9. @ smh u a agree wid Marcia and u duncer dan di pickney dem. How u going to box a child because they dont know something? Mistakes are a part of the learning process. Imagine how yuh pickney a suffer from depression.

  10. Ah baby could answer dat question
    Den born ah jamica den shoulda know dat.wahpen if dem Did ask wat is 2×2 den
    Clueless fe tru wid out apology dem duncccccccccccccccccccccccccce.

    Everyone have a right to there own opininon
    Either we agree or disagree.dis is why you sit
    With your children when dem doing homework ask them questions challenge there minds.
    So there well rounded my daughter is 11 yr old in March she ah twelve an is in sixth grade
    She just graduate from 6th grade. They are moving her to 8th grade this fall She is very advanced
    I enforce education An work with her daily.

    Not boasting I’m proud of her but you have to work wid your children

    1. Bitch your well rounded need to work with you because you not advance with ‘their vs there’ and that ‘an’goes before words starting with A a e I o u , she didn’t ‘graduate’ she graduatED. If u a teach her then she fall in a #dunce category too. Lo the people dem pickney.

  11. Mi lub guh siddung sidah yuh dawta eena school yaw…. huh mek deeven one deggeh deggeh day miss yuh!

    Causen sey if yuh nuh know by now the difference between THEIR, THEY’RE and THERE, den yuh belong rite sida har inn a school.

  12. Mi iggy fi nuff a unnuh wah a talk God know. Bad influences! Yea them should know but was it taught in the schools. They prob know anyway. Mistakes where made to be corrected y’all gwaan like y’all know everything SMDH down to the president still a learn.

  13. big ppl go pon tv and a stammer like donkey and a di ppl pickney dem unuh a call go suck unuh self

  14. Hello guys and met I know that this site rarely discuss certain issues I wanted to asked I if could send you email addressing challenges and issues facing children when their parents decide to moving aboard or what we yaad people call “gone ah foreign for a better life” and the psychological effects this later has regardless if the children don’t/ eventually join their parents. I wanted to some share some of my own personal challenge and something that still happens to today it’s a bit of serious one but also something that is never discussed.

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