1. The headline have mi a grung…then mi go teck a peep woieeeee Mi body mi caan get up back mi naw get up back ….ketch di dressing, ketch di legs dem , dem dere knees need brillo, ajax, chlorox & lots more.

  2. This man is confident oooooo..when women do this we done dem seh dem tufffffffffff..men are naturally tuff. He knees my lard and the chipchip below his knee.is he trying to start ah new trend with this tennis shorts. somehow he doesn’t look gay.. Just highly brave with his fashion sense..

  3. Needle get up ago get u coffe. GM- this’s some joke thing met u love to give ur bloggers a good laugh, cause I sure have one.

  4. Real question. Is he openly gay??? Like seriously. Cause him stand up like a badman…..but him dress like a battyman. Suh dat mean say him is an out-of-the-closet-badman-battyman????? Wooooiieeee. Weh Simply deh wid di glock. Dwlll. Dat mean him have di original BATTYGINA. My merciful saviour. No sah!!!!

  5. A guess har mad dash never teach her to kneel on piece a cloth when she a clean floor. Those black nuh ragtid mi nuh think any bleach can’t rectify it.

  6. Is this a role reversal picture? He is the sketel and she is the cruff?? How him one so “sexy” and she one so tough?? IS he bleaching? Is that how bleach work?? some parts catch and others fail?? Are his pumpum shorts leather? Him crotches nuh hot?? Are those his slippers he’s standing on? Was this a footwear change? This look like a friend send him in cause it’s not a public space, just somebody back yard. Him a bare him legs and the mango tree nah bare nuh fruit? So many questions, too little time. Yard sweep up nice and clean still.

  7. Is who this Tiad mildew body man?..,.every week me see him on fb in a him short shorts.
    Him just sick me stomuch!!’

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