Omar Edwards
17 hrs ยท
😮No sah dis messy… A family in Jamaica was surprised when the coffin of their dead mother arrived from the USA sent by their Sister.The tiny corpse was so tightly squeezed inside the coffin that their mother’s face was almost touching the glass cover.

When they opened the coffin they found a letter from their sister pinned to their mother’s chest which read: My Dearest Brothers and Sisters, here is mama’s body. Sorry I can’t come as the ticket is very expensive. Check under Mama’s body and you will find 12 cans of corned beef, 10 packets of hot chocolates and 10 pks of salt fish: divide it equally, please no fighting. Check mama foot: a brand-new pair of Jordan’s (size 8) for Junior. 4 pairs of boots under Mama’s head for Janice sons.

Mama got on 6 Nike T-shirts; 1 is for Joel, and the rest are for my nephews. Mama is also wearing 12 Victoria secrets Bras (different colors n sizes) just share them among yourselves. The 24 panties that Mama is wearing should be distributed among my nieces and cousins. Mama is also wearing 8 Polo shirts: John, please get one for yourself and the rest are for the boys.

Gordon, the watch you asked for deh pon Mama’s left hand, tek it off. Melanie, the chunky chain set you asked fuh, check Mama, she wearing it. Oh yes, the 6 pairs a panty hose, yall share it up cause is nice colours.

From your loving sister Angelica. Oh please buy a frock fuh bury mama in….Note : If yall want anything more, lemme know cause Uncle Sammy sick bad bad and he might not mek it.

Pupa geezas dis loving sista yah nuh easy🤣

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