Met u nuh hear dis longtime stay bad big woman weh deh wid the bad boy from mobay name cray , she and whoring daughter and friend dem jump the girl him deh wid name Wingy last night at moods. Trisha u nuh change u still come bk wid u f***kery a war wid anything him look pon and pay ppl any amount a money fi get gal number him deh wid . But the worst thing the man live a foreign and move on lef u and u deh ya a fight if him, a wah true the girl jus come bk from her holiday wid him . U fi stop dem ting ya now it nuh look good coz u whoring daughter want f**k him and u nah beat her . Sorry mi Neva deh deh fi go in deh. Y the little girl a hurt up u head so and u did kno him a whore longtime , him Neva have u alone yet , come beat me when me done talk . U too Nuff and bay ppl tired a u a nuh like u nobody have nutten good fi say bout u , apart from u buy out ppl and buy friend and dem tek u things and laugh and chat u. Met mi ago try get a pic of the girl weh dem beat , trish u look tired and need fi go sit dung. See di dippy pic dem deh


  1. Met dis a turbit ya gwaan like she own the boy and always waan war fi him like is the best man she Eva have , mi sure she Neva use to war fi har Pickney dem pa so. Trisha u have a dead hole dats y the man run from u a try save him life. So tap walk and war and move on and lef Wingy alone go fix up u self. As for Tenny u a secret whore u a f**k dwn the whole a bay and u poor babyfather nuh kno. Unoo fi gwey man

  2. tricia everybody kno u send crayman hiim monthly money,n him live america wd him Hott wife….tricia u need a life…

  3. met mi late!!! f**k out trisha n tenny wah r fada a f**k r from she a 11 unu fi leave di likkle girl alone cause di bwoy from pele drive soon come from jail come finish off yuh outdated stay bad bloodclaat. met nuh matta who him have america cray nah lef di likkle girl fi a soul him deh pon lock an a wingy have the password, u fi fight u dunce daughter cause dem say cray did a hide n f*k r when unu live out a ironshore. when unu live a florida di man sleep out 7 days a week n bring in duppy pon u all u sista complain bout it say u fi look u size an move on trisha u days done look how much chance god give u tanya henry an u nah change it best u go tek 1 a cray fren dem wah deh run up an down behind u lol val an cornbread f**k in a di bathroom an u still fren back dutty val. maddens hole trisha u gwaan like u a goodaz an u use to f**k pan yuh ex husband linch from town wah u kill an poor cornbread to smh

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