And a laugh afa Beenie and Bounty yet him never listen dem song bout him seen the greatest of enemies sit down and eat n drink..Mavado a live ina luu I kaint


  1. I can’t listen no nopes smh every sentence is followed by “u know wha a mean” no to fuxx BOMBOCLATTTTTTT mi no know when u mean this RASS need fi go nyam a FUXXING book.

    1. Him mind still ina di gutter..every body a fight him and yet him reach and claims him deh pan top now fi ten years..a good di obeah good or wha? Same thing mi a seh whey day dem thinking always negative. Killa whey walk and mek way fi him…put a destiny pan him…now him mek Killa di enemy bout Killa a fight him……He will forever think people a fight him doe because him a fight himself and his-self must win that fight :travel

      1. Vado and the rest of them have all bite the hand that feed them. People kept saying Bounty dis and dat, but they can never denied that if it wasn’t for him they would not be “superstat” or whatever they claim to be. That same shit they keep throwing at Bounty, going to hit the fan, then come right back down and hit them in their face. Look at Cartel? I rest my case.

    2. Mi really think it was me alone but listening to a Movado interview is always a painful experience. Mi feel sorry fi him almost.

  2. Yute find di nearest school & go, caz a pur f**kry u a chat…. di yute sound like him a mix Henessey wid crack, dwl!!

  3. Met God forgive me why Movado ugly suh :malu2 me gone read anoda chead not listening to no interview cause him cyah put two good sentence together and me nuh wah waste nuh more mins a mi life kmt

  4. everybody have their weakness and their strength in life, yall have to remember where he is coming from, the gully,where there is no facilities for most educational environment.Well at least he made use of his talent and obiously he is succesful with it

    1. Truth, but when you are an international act your pr ppl and management teck you and coach you on those things. Some ppl too fraid a improvement man, dem act like fi upgrade dem vocabulary and interview skills going to kill dem.

  5. He sounds like he is on drugs. Employ some of that wealth you claim you have and hire an English tutor. You know there are intellectually disabled children who can give a much better interview than you, Mavadunce.

  6. To be honest, Movado’s doing better in interviews, he’s a product of the environment where he came from. We all remember how horrible he was in past interviews.
    I get that hes doing what he’s doing for himself and family but, the little hip hop fame has gone to his head. I rarely listen to Urban radio, whenever I do, I never heard any music from Vado. So I don’t get the hype and greatness that he bestowed upon himself.
    What I don;t understand is: Why is it when a Hip hop artiste mention a dance hall artiste in their songs they (dance hall artiste) think they “REACH” in the business? He forgot who “Bus” him, lets hope he doesn’t forget where he came from.

  7. boring interview, but gully u have gone downhill since u have reach the states, plus I don’t see no billboard charts hit. We are the worst looooool

  8. Morning Met. I was wondering did you change something on your website recently because before I was able to watch the videos that you used to post while I am at work and since Tuesday not 1 video is showing… So I just wanted to know if you did something different or maybe my job did?

  9. This was enlightening for me, as a movado fan I always said gully ova gaza without really knowing the artists’s personalities.
    Kartel is a crazed killer, so he is out of the race now. Vado who was always running second place has now found this great self hype.
    Movado you posses the poorest interview skills ever known to man, take the bloggers advice and invest in yourself, away from your assets invest in your intellect.
    You come across as being over full of yourself and not very likeable. The shade you threw out there about Beanie and Bounty working together was not missed, but no matter the past they have both grown and matured – which is why they could come together and work it us not about as you put it “two enemy……”

    1. Him only come see Beenie and Bounty , as bad as things be they had their jealous differences with women trust me it went no further than that. They didnt do bad things to each other and thats not his business either but a dat him study. He is very narcissistic and Im not sure why. He thinks he is what he is not, maybe its a survival tactic I dont know but it dont look good. Kartel wanted to make his blood run and him hail Kartel so he really should stay outa beenie and bounty business

  10. Sorry about any typo’s using my phone. But one of movado’s followers I beg you read my comment to him – we the people want to reach out to him

  11. Every time mi watch a diva interview mi guh watch a sir gaza ownn after…mi mean everybody caan bright but wid all di money diva has made it neva once cross him mind fi get a tutor, duh lil schooling sup’m more dan can ‘nah a mean.’
    Well since a farrin yuh want a LIKKLE bit a it yah get see if yuh can apply fi SSI cuzb yuh have learning disabilities den find board a head mek dem put yuh inna special head caan guh cuz a de suh de smart ass kids dem deh…smh
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  12. What dah fukk is Mavado saying??! Did he even listen to any of the questions? Mi kinda stop listen afta di 10,751 ‘ya know whata mean”??

  13. Listening to this man is so unbearable. Why must he come across as being so incoherent, underexposed and unintelligent? How is he measuring these so-called hit songs? What a self absorbed and conceited young man…
    “…A didn’t heard it..” This is very bad…

  14. That f**kin fool need to go back to school. You have nothing on bounty one thing me bounty can read. Moe moe need to tell u to go back to school is what kind a wife u have. OK that is way u didn’t pass the interview for the green card.

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