Met since we on Philly today I would love to know this. Sounding the big trumpet again.. I thought marriage was suppose to be sacred and special, but for some reason Kesiah Gansta meck it look like taking a buss and transfering to the next. Keisha darling what is the real reason why u getting married again for the 3rd time. You haven’t gotten any richer, you no own no big house, you didn’t receive any lump sum from ur 2 ex hubby so u basically end up where you started. With nothing, nada, zip. By the way you finalize ur divorce with Horace yet? You wasn’t smart enough fi get a greenas outa a none a dem so what point are you trying to prove. If is Tia you a worry bout di gal move on to the next hood while u a stress ova Clarkey and a try prove point bout u a married again. You a gwann like a gold mine u strike bout you ah pick up clarkey wid 3 pickny and a buddy weh no loyal. Fi a big woman u loss. A ring doh mean nothing if di man mind, body and soul no respect di union. No badda come talk bout you good like dat cause is not Donald trump or Jay z you a married is anada ghetto broke ass man you a try train be loyal dat aint working to well. gwan go learn fi love urself and stop waste time seeking attention wid u phuckery.


    1. LOL man listen this dude is a dog if she want the leash for this community cocky and headache its on her.

  1. I was wondering wen was this gonna make the pink wall.. As they say I guess “3rd luck the charm”.. Sender Keisha do have her papers. Keisha asked my sister to write a letter of recommendation as to what kind of person she is when she was going to her appointment with immigration around 2yrs ago.. Don’t assume because a person doesn’t announce it.

  2. does her dog have his papers??? if a dog is unlicensed, the Law in PA allows it to be either destroyed or sold after being held for only three days.

  3. Sendah u must be angry that every man you in a relationship wid neva want you to have their last name. Is that why it bothers you so much that the 3 relationships she has been in they have married her? Does it bother you that she can call herself a Misses and is actually a Misses legally? Not just calling herself a wife because she been with the man for years and feel she has earned that stripe? Sendah you must feel some type of way becuz you are NOT someone’s LEGAL WIFE and no man you ever laid down wit has ever put that argument to you about getting married. Big deal if he got a community cocky. Your man got a community cocky too I’m sure. All yard mon have community cockies. None of dem faithful who are in the dancehall scene. Low di gyal and get a life!!

  4. STop it now!!!!!!
    Which 3 relationship Keisha been in. Did ou forget ur count past 40. Keisha Pumpum no no di word stop. Ask har if dat is not the reason why Greg left dung a Ja fi suffaand she affi runn weh cause she a try out do him wid the bunnin. Please yah dung to Horace weh she did married to wah day did a get bunn from the day him seh i do till him realize seh it was I don’t. Keisha harself will tell you seh is fui har pusc and it come yah fi use up. A prove she a try prove bout she a run go married.

    1. U need to stop. Kiesha run from Gregg cause him use to best her very bad. That relationship was some movie type shit the way she had to escape. And it’s no joke to come make lies with the Gregg relationship.. Keisha do u.. Since u stop par with some gal u and blackie name stop call up call up and fi dem name still Inna d mixup. Best thing u and blackie do is stop par with certain gal. Forward movement.. Mek dem stay deh inna d dancehall scene cause that’s all dem know. What are the odds that d whole crew mash up and yrs later 2 outta d crew still inna mixings. Get a life. For gods sake even Badda name no call no more Lol

  5. How keisha life and the men who buy her engagement rings and who she was married to is such a problem? A Clarky buy har the ring so all when him a community cocky di cocky decide fi call somebody home soo all when him a run up n down when it all said n done him a use di matey dem tings n a put down fi go buy him wifey Keisha a ring and marry har so sender yu need fi go get your life! Papers or no papers Keisha have har good job FedEx employee so unno tan dey mek she n wha she a do n who a go down pon one knee and a prospose a mad unno, senda yu past boring a dat mi waan yu know tr8

    1. Keisha post pics at work everyday at FedEx. The bitch got something so a f***kery dem ah chat.. Pls don’t run en bout working under somebody ss cause that is very hard to do in these times. Employers want ss # pic Id etc wen time for orientation. So if not green card or citizenship she has a social which they give u wen u first marry.. That’s the first thing they give u then the rest follows in due time.

  6. blah blah blah mi nah down anybody job but a when since fed ex job a good up good job lmfao unuh dunce eeh

    1. That’s not the point fool. They are saying she doesn’t have a social or anything.. U cannot work for a company like FedEx that does federal background checks and not have any legal documents or work under someone else.. They are veryyyy strict with that.. Ups, FedEx , USPS all do legit and serious checks so chat Weh uno know.

  7. Marriage in the future maybe but not so soon. When will or when did Clarkey divorce him real wife? De both need to be in divorce court before going to Justice of Peace.

    1. I think d ppl dem know dem haffi get d divorce to get married again. Common sense. Not to mention who said they haven’t already taken care of that. Everything uno seh no mek sense

  8. Keisha

    How come you get more ring than the Sixers in the Championship? You have a fascination wid wedding rings or nah..

  9. far from fool bitch mi have my degree an a real good up good up job ok, again fed ex a nuh good job maybe when u deh inna high school, and again she can borrow people social. look how much time she get lock di f**k up mi know anuh fi har real numbers she a use f**k outa here,my job even if u ever c di front of a police station u caah wok deh. so wheel and come again.

    1. U can have a background and work for ups, FedEx and USPS. U wheel and come again. Go do some research and tell me what u get.. U cannot have a feeling. If u have a misdemeanor u can only have 1 or 2..

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