National Security Minister Robert Montague has urged members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to wear condoms if they know they won’t be able to maintain their obligations.

“If you cannot maintain the results of your relationships, wrap it up. Too many officers are in court for maintenance orders,” Montague argued.

He was addressing the first day of the 73rd Annual Joint Central Conferences of the Jamaica Police Federation. The two- day conference is currently being held at the Hilton Resort and Spa in Rose Hall, St James.


  1. In one sense, this is highly inappropriate. My private life is of no business to the NSM unless it directly impacts my work obligations or my standard of work. On the other hand, yes, men and woman should use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and utilize family planning methods.
    Now, I’m also reading this to translate that the NSM is referring to the officers giving bun.

  2. You good sir is an idiot of the highest order! Damn disgusting and nufff! Unno ever look Inna him yeye ball dem?kmft

    1. lolol….him have a point doe :hammer

      Dem a add to the problems of broken homes and domestic violence rates.

      Broken home: absent father who can hardly afford school fees, recreational expenses or that valuable thing call time and an angry female call mother who take out her life issues on the child.

      Domestic violence: man ensnared into having a child (jacket included) with Jezebel, or having to give him high teeth to out a road mouth, so home life miserable, or the constant tit for tat arguments that causes death.

      Wrap it up if you can’t deal with the aftermath of careless phucking or choice of partner.

      1. PP just to add the ticket corruption that some police is involved in may be tied to maintaining their households.

        Hail up PP, Met, and Metters

  3. WRAP IT UP! The officers leave a trail of babies behind everywhere they are stationed. He is not telling any lies.

  4. From mi used to live a J A dem always seh police hab di most ooman, and dem treat dem bad. It sad when you represent the law, yet you before the courts fi child maintenance. Damn shame indeed! Wrap up dat shit up and live dignified lives.

  5. Who is going to tell these women about the high risk of unprotected sex in general and higher risk with some of these policemen. Women should not be using child support as a meal ticket and take proper birth control. That is why they get f*ck and have to take these men to court for support. The NSM need to address his own allegations that is on the table against himself. He is in no moral position to be issuing any edicts.

    1. Yow! Stop derailing the post. Where you see the topic about women? No try come wid di fckry tideh. Learn fi stick to di topic at hand or keep it moving. So damn transparent!

      1. Some Police officers do take advantage of women who come and report incidents to them……they see these officers as a sense of security den dem turn round breed off the woman dem in the community

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