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Local sources have reported that Fashion designer Calvin Haye, who was jointly charged with Vybz Kartel for murder is now seeking damages for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Haye was freed on November 14 last year after the prosecution said it had no evidence against him. The fashion designer is contending that he was charged by the police without just reason and that has suffered irreversible damage.

His attorney, Sean Kinghorn, told the media that he wrote to the Attorney General Patrick Atkinson today outlining the content of his client’s suit. Haye is also seeking damages for breaches of his constitutional rights.

The lawyer says his client who is being treated at a medical facility, suffered psychological distress from the incarceration. The State has been given 21 days in which to respond to the claim.

Haye was first arrested in October 2011 and granted bail on January 13 last year.

Kartel and three others who were charged with Haye have since been found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

0 thoughts on “MOONIE SAY HIM SUING

  1. mek moonie gwaan mek di fool fool bwoy mek him go sue pppl so him can help pay lawyer fee…………….him mussi nuh si seh portia nuh tek chat and no gi none….mi nuh know how lawyer wicked so ……………mi hear missa finson son seh they acted on behalf of their client and did what he asked them to do …….moonie it betta u go ton pastor and mek di bwoy stop use u as prees

    1. Morning Real. Hey Met.

      All who broke bread wid demon bowi and get whey from a prison sentence should drop pon dem knees and thank de heavens and keep it moving.

      Him batty man style a clothes making have a limited shelf life, so the government neva cause him nu damage. Bout him is just a fashion designer…yah and a dog is just a cat.

        1. morning ure right there…i feel is kartel pushing him fi sue…that is what he always did fi keep certain things outa di media threaten fi sue

          1. At this point dem need fi go sit dem ass dung and leave what money lef fi de lonnnnng haul. Dis dressmeka man is a joke…lol

          2. Dem se cock mouth kill cock because when him come outa jail him did get big contract fi mek clothes fi Sting and him say Joe did a pay him well fi sew..Mi like how him mek clothes though very neat he is a good designer but he need to go sit all the way down

  2. He does have a right to sue; however, it is futile to sue in this case–it was an intimidation tactic used to apply pressure; with the hopes that he would spill the beans on the other accused.

    Their intent is to let the State know that they do not have the right to trample on the rights of the citizenry…

  3. He should be happy he is free. Let him pursue the lawsuit…I guess he doesn’t know the long reach of the law and how police deal with people that beat certain charges.

  4. Dis is de fashion designer, nuh ? Wey him say him a go do, sue or sew ?? Him free fe sew whatever him waan fe sew. Him lucky him dey a road. Him can design and den mek Kartel prison outfit dem fe free fe him.

  5. He never beat no charge, him reputation got damaged, high society see him as bloggers see him as, a man weh get weh.

    1. he was taken away from his business das all..which reputation moonie did have? when him come pan teachers pet people cudda say dat damage him reputation…he needs to go and sit down

      1. I died laughing the night him bout police come tek him out a him sewing room….dwlnnnnnnnn Him should submit that picture whey met put up pon him petition…lolollllllllllllllll

  6. Anonymous @12:09…… “…him reputation got damaged, high society see him…..” Squze mi please but ,,,, reputation? high society?….him did a sew fi Matalon? Kindly mek mi know who yu mean by High Society. As Moonie get release him get back to him Singer, a jus di DJs gone.

  7. Him no innocent! Him know everything weh Kartel did a plan and he agreed on it. .Kartel respect this fool and talk to him about everything..weh uno no know, older than you

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