A male juror who attempted to offer a bribe to the foreman of the jury in the just-concluded Vybz Kartel murder trial was arrested minutes after the trial ended yesterday.

The number three juror is now facing a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. The afternoon session of the trial was held up for close to an hour in the High Court yesterday after Justice Lennox Campbell summoned the prosecution and the defence to his chambers.

“I am going to need the assistance of both sides in my chambers,” Justice Campbell said before leaving the courtroom.

While the meeting was underway, whispers echoed around the court corridors of the bribery attempt. Sources at the court revealed that word had reached Justice Campbell that the juror had approached the foreman of the jury and offered her close to $500,000 to return a not guilty verdict. His offer was rejected and a report was filed. When the jury returned from the jury room to announce the verdict, the accused juror could be seen acting nervously and breathed heavily before taking his seat.

While the verdicts were being read out, the juror held his head to one side and appeared extremely uncomfortable.

After Justice Campbell thanked the jury for their service, Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn rose and was about to indicate that charges were about to be laid against the offending juror, but was stopped in her tracks by the judge.

As the jurors retired to the jury room, a group of cops stood by the door waiting to pounce. The juror was arrested soon after those in attendance at the trial began to clear the courtroom and corridors.

He can be fined or locked up for the offence.

— Karyl Walker



  1. If Me no no know betta mi woulda seh di ppl dem down a Jamdown no have no sence. How can one man Meck soo much ppl give up dem freedom? Gaza Slim, di Police ,Mr Britelite, and now this juror? No man it sticky bad. Is wah kinda spell him have dem unda?. Mi no see di whole country a protest ova the high tax, no Jobs, murders on the rise, unscrupulous government official . But dem come out ina di hundreds fi Kartel weh no do nutten but mash up wi country. We really backward as an Island bad.
    Unu eva notice seh all now Shawtie name no call pon dem foolishness yah. Is either she smarter than we think or Kartel love har enough fi no meck she do certain things. Gaza Slim weh him love so much ago join him and do some time, show up fi support him ah court. Wow talk about blind in Love. Well ppl this is only di beginning , my prediction is that the worl Boss and him cronies are going to start the bloodshed. These ppl that assisted in the case should be granted asylum somewhere because Kartel no have nothing fi loose now. If I was like Shawtie me wouldA DISAPPEAR TOO CAUSE DEM Seh IF YOU CAH KETCH Qwakoo you ketch di shut and all hell ago brukkk loose now pon both sides.

    1. Dem a look pon it a seh Lizard violate, suh we aguh bring street justice. Street justice neva win di war dis time sah. Money run dis ting yah, a man get pay fi mek evidence disapper and all sorts a ting cause to dem Lizard a tief, him a nobody.

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