1. What ah shame…ah regular him do that! Some man dangerous you know man. My gurl you already have a black eye and ah next one him ah give you straight! Cut and clear my girl him nah stp beat you!

  2. Why dem send it in again like dem get Joy from watching woman get abuse and beat up by some worthless boy. LEAVE LADY! No care how people want say you look like man and whatever else JUST LEF.
    Which woman still a tek tump and kick in 2019 worst on camera big disrespect. mi shame fi you and don’t know you.
    Like him bring you come or buy you fone fi a lift up him hand. Him nuh have a dry shit imma him batty lady the same time him did come over you should a give him one kick inns him mouth look pon the size of your leg dem! fix up yourself and know your worth hunny because you have energy fi you mate use it for yourself and move on

  3. kmbprct, If Nardia ugli inside and out one more time God come..Mi a di last somebody fi class yuh, cry all tears fi some things weh mi see reach yuh but mi see clear seh yuh either mad mad or just dont give a fuck, yuh walk and tek all type a things, straight man, gay man, straight woman, gay woman, dawg, and now yuh onto dodo can one gal salt suh?, people save unnu sympathy unnu nuh know a who dis, dis gal have some nice bc pickney despite everything and she grow dem like animals until social tek every last one, yuh end ago bitter, yuh gonna regret not giving your kids all this energy and attention yuh give these waste bc men and it wont be long…Yeah she have some good ways too but like everything else its wasted on the wrong people..

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