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By any chance have u taken note of this rapid developing story/crisis whereby Jamaican athletes are switching allegiance to run for other countries. Many say this is purely about money making cuz dem a run fi country like qatar.Some say it is the common sense thing to do cuz jamaica is so dominant that it will be hard to establish a successful career cuz other more talented athletes will always keep beating you.

Whole heap a name brand runners for us gone cuz di ppl dem jus doan want live Inna bolt,shelly ann,asafa,yohan dem shadow! Don’t you think it is unpatriotic to leave the country of your birth to rep others?In all fairn‎ess if you see better, wouldn’t u go look it since it doan deh rt here a yard??



  1. Opportunity. Can’t fault a man or woman for wanting what’s best for themselves and their families. Qatar, that can open doors. The sponsorship alone will keep them fed if they are smart with savings and investments. Most importantly they need KNOWLEDGEABLE lawyers to advocate for them. Some time we get so frighten over the “good deal” we don’t even realize we are truly worth wayyyyy more.

  2. I never like situations like these, has there been anyone who took this route and it worked out positively for them? Wish em well.

  3. I would say they’re looking to get pay to lose, cause remember when they leave jamaica to look better as them say.They will still have to run against the same big runner’s from JA same way.

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