Why everyone saying this Usain story not true? I seen with my very own eyes. It wasn’t at dream it was a few days before. She had on a plastic red dress in a club in Kingston. She was locked in the bathroom with Bolt & a girl that was with Jav started banging on the door saying she in the their with a man, Gary British started banging on the door it was a big commotion. Honestly I expected this to be on pink wall the next day. Shock it just coming out!!!!! Then I saw with her a with short,chunky guy with a Mohawk at sandz 2 days later. I hear that man fly in the next day. Likkle girl bad mi nah lie


    1. Javana you mean to tell me that u deh wid so many money man and not one a dem yuh can mek set yuh up but u a sleep wid all a dem fi free? Be a hoe with a purpose if thats your profession of choice

    2. Shi nuh feel no way Met, she’s in it to win it. Kasi is not leaving until she comes out of it with nothing less than a baby, maybe that’s why he didn’t go to dream weekend and spent it with her and her family because I know that Kasi must have heard about it. Kasi and her grifter family sad nuh bc.

  1. She’s dumb. Usain is easy to fool. Play the long game idiot. Jav you look good nuh BBC from head to too YOU should have made him beggggg for it. Nothing drives a man crazy more than not having what he wants. Ya eediat.

  2. Jav pretty and have a nice body and is her punnie she can sex whoever she want the only thing I have an opinion on is she friending up these bitches and f**king they man that’s just trifling. Yes I agree if your going to hoe get something out of it don’t hoe and run your punnie red with nothing to show but couple of trips and clothes and you have no bed that’s hoeing backwards and she love say people jealous and hating and is contrustive advice we giving she . How she sleeping with Damian Marley and he flying her out to his tours of his babymother Krystal always snapping herself with him
    Backstage how is javana there with him ????

  3. So Kasi, you’re telling me that despite all the threesomes, the orgy that you gave him on your own birthday, all the freakiness, your “light, clean skin and hair” that you boast about so much, it still isn’t enough to stop him from cheating on you? As Donald Trump would say, SAD!!

  4. Usain Bolt doesn’t want a decent woman, he always chooses the hoes, from the person who slept with his brother and down the line, the type of women that he looks are a reflection of him, that’s how he is now so he chooses the women accordingly.

  5. Mi cannot get pass inside a Usain mout. #SIGH Di foot nuh too bad cause mi don’t really haffi look pon it regula…..but how mi love kiss up my man..#SIGHAGAIN

  6. Kasi’s Mom and the rest of her family just as low and fake and money hungry cause no way on gods green earth I could allow my daughter to be with a careless man like this! Him coulda rich till him a piss money!! Not a backside!! This is just sooooooo wrong Kasi! That’s why him full you up a Andrew special sushi roll yesterday cause him know him did get The Javana special before ! One set a sick nasty people ! All hire prostitute carry go a birthday trip! Nasty set a sick people!!

    1. They hired a prostitute for that birthday trip? My God, when I think they couldn’t go any lower, Kasi and Bolt truly deserve each other. And you are right about her family, all they see is dollar signs.

  7. Usain soon tun drake an breed porn star. Look how much gal drake go through den go breed porn star and den a hide.

  8. Why uno so lie and wicked stop tell lie on the girl .. met I see how you was picking up for Shamair when the ppl dem a class her.. why are you posting false story. Where is your proof

  9. unnuh affi see wid Usain enuh. Usain nuh used to pussy. him come from humble beginnings and when him young dem hot gyal ya wouldn’t even spit pon him. now dat him have the fame and pussy a fling towards him left right and center, him a enjoy the hype. when dem man deh inna high school and a run champs and a mash up the place, gyal dem still never a gi him di time a day cause dem did say him ugly. Gonzales did a get whole a di gyal dem. Usain buss whey when him go Olympics.

      1. Is Kasi and her friends over here down voting people’s comments, they know all that is been said is the truth, they have no shame.

  10. Dwl @ Pro. True yuh talking but man him can guh easy now.Sometimes I think with all the fame and money, he still has self-esteem issues…..still trying to prove something.

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