One thought on “MORNING MACKA

  1. MACKA???? Macka what is happening??? Macka come we affi talk, come here deh.
    Macka yuh fava donkey yasso :nerd
    Macka yuh look like waah donkey whey tek a selfie
    macka yuh nuh see seh di denture a lap ova di bottom denture?
    macka ano Jamaican dentist yuh go? cause a one ting bout mi country dem dental work a top a di line.
    Macka mi fraid.
    Macka mi huddu wah eat all near yuh cause food mussi fly everywhey wid dat deh over lap deh.
    macka yuh betta dan kasi doe wid di teeth department.
    Oh gosh! a whey macka man deh???
    Macka yuh teeth a beat mi choo dah screen yah, macka mi feel like it waah jump outta yuh mout and come at me.
    macka now mi see why when yuh talk yuh sound suh. di freaking teeth dem a drop outta yuh mout.

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