1. This can’t be real!!! What would make you discard your child down in the dirt like a piece of garbage? SMDH That must be a dolly.

  2. A so di bloodclaat woman dem fi deal wide these loose cockey men. Baby clean an well taken care of. Woman fed up off the one hand a clap. Nothing no wrong wid that . She all pack bag, a good mother that. Me nah bring no thing just the bloodclaat product of your sperms.

  3. What???? Pick that damn baby up. who da fuk took the pic?
    I would’ve immediately picked the baby up..f a pic. But I guess the person need proof. *shoulder shrug.
    Whole leap a dirt and insect a crawl pon the pikney. Sun a beat pon the pickney. Come on man… I’m disgusted. Get the mumma info

      1. The original pic was posted by the childs grandmother.. the mother was going through postpartum depression and wanted to kill the child, so she called the father and his family to take the baby but they wouldn’t so she left the child at the gate while the grandmother, aunts and father were inside.. this isn’t Jamaica either it’s Guyana.

    1. Exactly so..juss wha day inna di news dem find one baby inna di gawbige…suh this ah di lesser of 2 evils.

      1. Metty, yuh knoe seh about one year ago one big time detective recently suffered a miscarriage and about 4 weeks later she pick up di three likkle pickney dem from school/daycare. Afta she sort dem out wid snacks, etc she guh inna one next room and shot harself dead. Di poor husband ah high profile 5-0 to and is when him few minutes from him yard him haffi pull ova fi mek ambulance pass. Not realizing seh ah fi him yard dem ah guh. Post Partum depression is cruel :sorry

  4. U know this vex mi like no other. I want to hold that mother n give her two good rass kick. How u leave ur baby look how sweet the baby look on the ground in the dirt. Sun hot are u kidding mi. There is many ways to get back at the man if he don’t want to pay. Bruck every window in his house n car. Show up at his job, mothers; sister and father house. Show up at he party dem n bruck every clat bokkle Him a pop. Bring bat n beat the shoes n shirt right off him. Make his life a living hell. But don’t u dear do this to a child. Look how much women can’t have babies n would have gladly taken that child up without question or answers. Some shit people do man.

  5. I will not judge this woman. Most likely the man nah mind the child and the woman a struggle alone. We don’t know what hardship this mother enduring. Especially if him is a dancehall man a floss a night time, and the mother can’t get a cent. I have personally seen a mother do this same thing. Carry the child to the father yard knock Pon the gate and put the child on the veranda and gone. Everyone has a breaking point, when you leave your child at the gate, I think she has reached her saturation point.

    1. :shakehand2
      same so, it might look a way but as them seh “who feels it knows it”
      the baby look very well taken care of and di mother probably know that dad or his side a family deh home

  6. not forcing my kid on none who dont want to voluntarily take care of the seed. Imagine that they take out the anger on the child? I once witnessed two hoodrats push a baby stroller into the store that the baby father owned and then ran out… the “father” was so mad – he opened the door and all but flung the stroller out.. (he was very wrong for that in my humble opinion) – I could never put my child in harms way..this is clearly a duncebat who likely listened to her worthless auntie and friends who supported the idea…no good mother would do child support checkis worth me not knowing if my child is good or will be mistreated

    1. But u no see the Waste gyal dem comment up top, a talk bout she right and Maybe she fed up.

      KMT she is a terrible mother. She had that baby 4 other reasons.
      This has got to be a joke.
      I’m sorry guys, but I love kids. They’re innocent.

  7. why though? if him nah mind the kid y just discard har like that? how about raising the kid right and later on mek karma deal wid him, cuz we know it never end well fi men who nuh mind dem own? plz mothers, don’t do this all if is a rich man, never leave your baby like that.

  8. Now for this loose gal that state that it is ok fi leave a child in the dirt, at a gate, regardless of who’s gate it is because of a loose cocky man must be a dam fool. Having a child is a blessing, and if the drancrow that gave birth to this beautiful baby had any respect for herself she would not have gotten pregnant for a loose cocky man.
    As a woman what she shuold have done was value herself enough to make sure the man she breed fah was worthy of having a child with, think before u blood claat act. Nuff a unu breed fi hold man or prove a point and in the end the kids dem suffa, and that is the problem. FOH.

    No child deserve to be treated like trash because of the action of any parent point blank period. Stop including these kids inna adult affairs and protect and nurture them, teach them to be men and women of the future and this cycle wont continue.

  9. I will not judge this woman, i don’t know her situation, this is a good gate so obviously is not no ghetto the baby was let in, fathers unoo fi tek care a unoo kids and stop stress woman out. I wouldn’t do what she does but i’m not going to tear her down, imagine what she’s going through why she have to do this, maybe hungry a kill her and she can’t mek di baby a suck soso gas from the tity. Baby is well clean and nice maybe she just put her there and tek di pic send to the wucklice man and threaten him that she gonna leave her at the gate next time.

    1. Baby left in a junjo! And that ok?

      So a wrought iron fence say prosperity, good income home and great way to treat a child???? Oh I see…tell that to the baby when she turn 18!

      All who agree with this stay same way like the evil who demean the life of this defenseless babe. Maybe a so unu did raise so this baby don’t deserve nothing better than what unu had to endure.

      1. @Annonymous 1:47 u stfu….u have your opinion so do i, u can’t tell me what to say i have a brain for myself to think and speak for myself, i don’t jump on bandwaggon i’ve encountered too many people with too many life stories that’s why i will never judge this woman.

        1. once again stfu…
          Bout a good gate.waste gyallll.
          My pikney cant even sidung pon that dey dutty floor.
          Are you a mother?

          1. No because yuh nyam all a dem or ur a faggot so yuh cyaan breed….come suck mi wid a long staaaawwww bitch or battyman….yes mi seh good gate it bun yuh eeh a wah yuh only have zinc fence fi push in and out a yuh yard, u must be di waste matter who push di woman to di limit fi do such act or di wucklice man a must ur family.

  10. The woman wrong but she nu wrong bcuz some a dem man yah a some dutty bloodklaath man dem f@*k all 5 woman at the sometime n wen baby come dem seh a nu fi dem…lady if a su u have fi get him fi du the DNA test n start mine him pickney good for you..

  11. I don’t have any kids and this hurts my soul!! I would rather suffer than run dung a bwoy fi help me with my child///

  12. I get where all the symphatizers for the mom is coming from but yall missing the major point of it all! No matter how wutliss a father is that in no way,shape or form prevent a woman from being the best Parent she oughta be.So if the father nah feed ur baby,u a guh mek ur baby go hungry??To prove what point to who??

    A woman’s natural nurturing spirit ought to make it nigh impossible for her to abandon ANY pickney.Right now I can’t think of any man/father I know who capable of this shyt Rt here!Shame on u ooman,bun u to the grung fi this shyt!!

  13. That’s a nice healthy looking baby, look like she getting good care. I never said she right or wrong. I will not judge and condemn her I have not walked a day in her shoes. What if she suffering from post partum depression. No one knows what the mother going through emotionally. I would prefer she leave the baby at the gate. More than kill or abuse her. It’s so easy to jump attack accuse and be judge mental. When your on the outside looking in. I have learned not to jump to conclusions based on a picture.

    1. Xoxo wrappie!!although a pic is worth a 1000words…I take ur point Sweetest Sweet!Some things we must judge n condemned I’m sure u can think of a few acts.

    2. Sweet, a hope a the right gate she delivered that precious life to. Too much father maybe a take place. It have to stop.

      She has no maternal instincts in my opinion. Me come from a family of women who put dung ole sheet a cellar fi dog have puppy on, and the dog cheese tin have fi wash before you give it water, so me cannot and will not accept no explanation for why a baby lean up pon gate, in a dirt like bruck up dolly a wait fi trash truck.

      I just can’t accept,worst me wouldn’t mind have one fi cherish till me or the daddy eye shut for good and all then he/she still a get the best care cause a da stock de we Ben from.

  14. I was reading the comment on the pic on fb and someone said the mom called ahead because she had on appointment. When she came he didnt want to take the baby. She put the baby in front not in the water. The person who they said took the pic is the man woman was out there. Them say she never a leave her baby forever just 1 day to take care of something.

    1. No excuse for that baby on the grung like that. Babies aren’t suppose to be treated like that. Is not like dem rest her down to save a life.

  15. What a sweet baby. Never force your child on nobody. My friend had a baby at a very young age. The man denied the baby and guess what? The lil girl is now 28, fully qualified doctor. Just got married last year and her husband and her just bought my friend a brautyful 10 bedroom house. Her father never made nothing of himself. Its now he wants to know my friends child.

  16. @yardie we both see each other’s point. And respectfully agree to disagree. Too many times people post or send in picture, and conclusions were jumped to, without the background story. Only low and behold when you hear from the shout, misinformation drawn from conclusions. But is one thing I know. Judge not lest ye be judged. And if God was as judge mental as mankind, nuff people woulda drop dead.

  17. Let he without sin cast the first stone… Nobody know the reason behind this picture so all who a jump an tear dung di madda Unuh go teck a close look inna Unuh closet an si all a di dutty skeletons wah ready fi jump out…Unuh might not do the exact thing that she does but if walls could only talk nuff a Unuh wouldn’t show Unuh face a daytime. I’m a single mom of 2, 18 and 14 and i did it all by myself a whole lot a sleepless nights , crying in the shower an now Mi live fi si Mi 2 Kings Dem pass di worst, Colledge student and class valedictorian nobdy is perfect and not everybody go through the same shit and can handle things the same.

    1. Me nah no sin against children,so me free fi fling rock stone. The baby have no business a grung all if he/she wasn’t abandoned.

      Me don’t have none so mek me make that declaration loud and clear because people with children believe people like me have no right to speak about the matters concerning children.

      I may not have any because it free me up to look out for those being mistreated…and me Neva nhame no belly either… another declaration before unu come cuss me.

      Miscarried once and all dat de life me celebrate every now and then against Betta judgement. Not supporting or sympathizing wid careless acts against who can’t fend fi dem self.

  18. See it deh now someone post a comment seh a di father new girlfriend take the picture n post look at the child not even a year old n him have new woman that don’t want him look after him child n then she turn round n tek pic put online…tell mi now if the woman wah tek the picture a good sumaddy?? B4 she take the child n ensure seh she alrite n tell the mother nu worry gu handle yu business n come she tek a post it..yu this world yah is not a easy place…sum a unno weh a seh the mother dis n that fi just nu seh nothing

      1. Grung tpc!Listen at the end of the day whether we agree n disagree we a still one big dysfunctional fambily pon the wall! Regulars gwaan use up unno license fi speak freely. We nah mash each other corn cuz we all have we own vantage points.

    1. Mothers baby, daddies maybe.
      I really cant believe some of you women think this is ok.
      Mi just a type and delete, because the things dem wey me wan sey Met may block me.
      People have one chance to do something evil or stupid,for me to know how dem is.
      What does he having a new woman and baby not even one yet have to do with anything. KMT!!
      The mother needs to be exposed.

  19. I have a 1 year old…if his father does not want to keep him or cannot keep him….I stay home or make other arrangements. Simple as that. Wtf unnu really ah defend. I would NEVER put my baby down in the dirt.GET THE FVCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT SH*T! :marah :marah :marah :marah :marah :batabig :batabig :batabig :batabig

  20. I can’t believe ANYONE, especially a mother, would condone this act of abuse on a young, defenseless baby.

  21. As a single mother who has never received a dime from my piece of $hit ex. I cannot fathom why and how any woman can do that to their child. I could NEVER EVER do such an atrocious thing to my baby who i love more than life itself. NO sah. If i lose my work ah morning, I will pole dance, work at mcdonalds, sell bag juice ah roadside, anything legal cause my baby have to eat, have shelter over her head and be loved. Thats a bad f&%king mother and she should never ever have custody of that child again. Selfish and wicked B&%ch… NO circumstance could justify that $hit.. NONE! Abandonment to a man who probably wants nothing to do with the child because you’re struggling to make ends meet, that justifies leaving your child with a man who’ll probably treat her like shit and take out his anger and frustration on her then probably abandon her also lef her to be molested by whosoever cross her path. Look yah man, lock up that Bitc$. I hope God condemn her pu$$y, she doesn’t deserve to bring another life into this world.

  22. Raise my two with my family a act as baby father. I wouldn’t do it, but I understand the frustration that can lead to this. Ah bwoy

  23. Beside serious mental illness I can’t understand this girl leaving her child. I remember when my son was a few months old, I had a terrible bout of postpartum depression. My son and I was home alone and I felt a complete sense of hopelessness, I knew in that moment that I wasn’t safe and ran out my house to my neighbors. I knocked on every house I knew someone at, and begged them to call my family to come and get him…my neighbours are predominately white and I didn’t give two hoots if they called the police. Thank God no one did. I finally got one of my neighbour to call my family and I stood guard in front of my house with the door open until they came and got I was able to get help and got pass it, but I will never forget it. I am not saying that’s how everyone would handle it. But in my situation, my promise to my son was all that mattered even in the middle of shear confusion. From in my womb I promised him that I will always be there for him. The moment I met him shortly after giving birth, I knew what love was. I knew I would trade my life for his because I’ve never loved anyone like I love him. Loving people is hard, it means putting them before yourself. I don’t care who she had to meet that day, or what she had to do. As a mother especially without serious mental illness you dont leave your defenseless child with anyone who doesn’t care for them and you definitely don’t leave them in dirt like a sack of garbage. If I don’t have good child-care, my son goes where I go, or we stay at home.

    *The woman who took the picture is just as bad, the baby wasn’t physically hurt so her first instinct should have been to pick up the child and comfort her. Believe me that child needed that more than any picture taken, because the deepest wounds are often hidden. With out a douth that child was spiritually wounded. This is just to sad to comprehend.

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