Authorities from the Child Development Agency (CDA) has arranged counselling for the two youngest of nine children whose mother was hacked to death in Point Hill, St Catherine, on Wednesday afternoon.

The two girls — five and nine years old — witnessed as 45-year-old Hermalyn Bell was chopped several times about 2:00 pm following a domestic dispute with a man she was said to be intimately involved with.

An older daughter, who also witnessed the attack, said she tried to assist her mother but was threatened with a machete.

She said she was bruised as she tried to escape a fate similar to Bell’s.

The man fled the scene after the attack but was later apprehended by police.

More in Sunday’s Observer.


  1. Jesus, what’s happening to these men in Jamaica? The devil is very busy. Nine children have no mother to turn to. RIP to this young lady. Ladies if you’re in a abusive relationship, get out now!!!!!
    That man need to be hanged by the balls. Nuh send him a jail fi nyam my money.

  2. 9 motherless children now lost and in despair. All because of some idiot. Every day I become more and more saddened by mankind. We have lost our way. The careless way in which people are so eager to end the life of another. The total disregard for life. People walking around with a sense of entitlement. What ever they want they take it or are not above doing just about anything to achieve it. My heart and prayers goes out to these children, i know they will never recover from the trauma of witnessing the murder, but by the grace of God, their hearts and minds will heal with time. Summady please to kill dat evil, vile worthless piece a shit please and thanks. A little 12 yr old boy testify today against his father who killed his mother, the statement that child made who powerful and just. He wants his father to spend the rest of his life in prison, he was adamant that his father should be punished for taking away his mother from him.

    1. Him lucky seh him police bredda bring him guh station because di community did a guh have quick justice(tire and gas).

    2. No. Hanging needs to come back and firing squad. I don’t care what these studies say, death penalty IS a deterrent.

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