A man has been charged with the double murder of the American missionaries, which occurred in St Mary recently.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell today revealed that Andre Thomas, a man from Port Maria, St Mary, was arrested and charged following intensive investigations.

Powell, who was speaking at a media briefing at the Police Commissioner’s office in St Andrew, said that the motive for the murder was robbery.

He also made an appeal for Dwight Henry, also known as ‘Dougie’, also from Port Maria, to turn himself in at the nearest police station.

“We would dearly like to speak to him about this matter and so we are asking him to make himself available to any police station or any policeman across the island by 6:00 pm,” Powell said.
The deceased, 48-year-old Randy Hentzel and 53-year-old Harold Nichols, were found dead between April 30 and May 1.

Police reported that both men had rented motorcycles in Ocho Rios, St Ann, and went on a trail.

However, residents later stumbled upon their bodies. Hentzel was found face down with the hands bound and Nichols’ body was found with his head bashed in.

Autopsies later showed that Hentzel died of a gunshot wound while Nichols’ had a gunshot and chop wounds.


  1. The police knew these criminals before, however, as is the usual, they never try to solve crimes until the criminal does something extreme. A bet dem man deh do some other things n police jus let them be cause a local man dem kill. It only became a big deal because the world was watching. I implore all officers to treat every crime with the same priority they did this one, it is only then a criminal will think twice before acting. Man nuh fraid fi do ntn a yard cause police nah solve nuh crime.

    1. Is when since minority report became real? When crime solve without information?

      If a Neva foreigners get kill THE people dem would act like them don’t know NOTHING. Crime can’t solve before it happen very and police a no psychic.

  2. Great point u made ! True and excellent .
    D dutty CRIMMINAL dem gone further mud up Jamaica name as well with this international media crime, and u are so right … They the police and government need to put just as much energy and effort into solving local crime of its citizens of Jamaica and d Caribbean for that matter.

  3. But what on earth they expected to get from missionaries? Most pl doing missionary work nuh hab two pennies fi rub togedda.

    The police fi concentrate heavily on getting these illegal guns off the island. Di dirty wharf and customs ppl fi unda heavy scrutiny. More radar checking air and sea space continuously.

  4. Hopefully the “gyal” that Did the video accusing them men of molesting lil boys can remove the video instantly.Mek sure u apologize between sips of chlorox bleach.

    Nothing wrong with speculating but always try to be mindful n responsible or else u a guh tarnish ppl unnecessarily kmft!

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