0 thoughts on “MOURNING OR NAH?

  1. A whey she a go wid har cow front n curdle legs ewwwww
    Sender dem ya is respecter of none not death unborn child nothing dancehall alone dem respect

  2. hmm imma be de devils advocate for a min
    de brother brother didn’t died lastnightor since week..suh who knw wat she did the whole a lastweek maybe dem tell her nuh bada stay home nd rrrr duh road yuh just neva knw…ppl really do mourn differently mi see ppl parents,child close close relative dead nd tears nuh cum a like after the funeral dem realize mi really nah guh c suh nd suh again nd it breaks dem sum drink it away,smoke it away,party it away ..sum even celebrate de life de person live than mourn de death **shrugs shoulders**

  3. party nah miss Miss Piggy…death or no death she luv di hype and video light…jus because di man dead nuh mean it phase her lifestyle any

  4. well me ago talk from experience, mi use to criticize people and wonder if dem no mourn dem loved ones that died, but when my brother that i loved more than anything else died, I put up the same front outside of my house…people would never i had someone that just died….but at nites, and when i am alone, is when i am devastated and dont want to go on, it has been 9 years now, and this still happens very often, I dont even talk about my brother to anyone because I break down every time I talk about it, even as i am writing u tears is in my eyes

  5. Only har pums look like it cry til it swell up…dat deh pum pum need jock strap…. Every baddie mourn different an a fi har puss ah do fi har…
    R.I.P yute!
    P.s.. Mi annuh sodomite but dats all yuh si split an all.

  6. A mussi silicone front shi a wear fi create buffness cause dat is a front of epic proportions, look like it all hab lost and found area eena it. Dat front come wid its own zip code.
    Nuh care you mourning style there is a little thing called respect, respect fi uself, respect fiddi dead.

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