Unno ppl love swear fi ppl too much! Swear fi unno self!! Sasha and Ian container a hide n lick from 2013 from she and the soldier deh which was her good good man! Her owna fren them talk it! Cause she wah hype man she lef the good good man fi go play side chick roll but Least she finally a get sumn out a it cause him give her a lil business wah

day wey she a sell hair and of lately them nah too hide again cause them inna party a hug up n bare things unno lucky me love see them thou

8 thoughts on “MR AND MRS HIDE AND LICK

  1. a she send it in yes fi get promo cause mi want know a which part a that she a make money with a business IG page wid 60 followers. Bye.

  2. 99% of the people who are on the dancehall party scene are super shallow, hype and Boasty, so I guess he’s just trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd. I can totally believe the part about the soldier. Jamaican women seem like they never grow out of that teenage stage mentality where they overly prioritize popularity over practicality. If you’re in your mid- twenties and over and you still date men just because they have a name pon di road then your maturity is clearly lower than your dating standards…

  3. Sell hair!!!!, anybody can sell hair, if yuh did have ambition yuh woulda try wid the solider
    Girl bye

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