0 thoughts on “MRS FRISKA KIDMAN PART 1

  1. Bwoy what a way him can trace like one a dem big cratches gyal…an every odda word spell wrong smdh

  2. Frisco it look like a book u put condom over meck ur spelling so atrocious ur lawyer should advise to go to school no sah mi neva buck dese breed of spelling yet from I was birthed smh me no know rostahhh

  3. What a man terrible and disgusting! Cussing the woman and can’t spell to save his life! Frisky kidesha!

  4. He is so childish, imagine this woman gave birth to his child…jus know fe WRENK!!! he cant even spell…when him a sex the woman him nevah know she a johncrow and smell.

  5. dis bitch in a man disguise ah cuss like any downtown barefoot market lady if me da babymother me make him nuh see da baby he’s too disgusting n caan spell a wutless man dat

  6. I always respected Jamaican Men for the regard in which they held Baby Mothers back in the day…..gone are those days, I guess! This is a very shameful practice that these low life men picked up, I have a few American Men as well on my page that do the same but that has been the norm for them, always quick to tell women “such my deek, b*tch”.

  7. Him sey di gal a try tarnish him career. I don’t even remember how him look. Him career nuh done long time.
    When him talk bout him fan dem, I wonder what kinda fan him a talk bout, ceiling fan, box fan, axial fans, tower fans, centrifugal fans, tower fans, pedestal fans, desk fans, window fans oscillation fans, portable fans or just him hand fan. him should be more specific. I can not see him with any other kind of fans. If I missed any please let me know.

    1. oh gosh loool, mi comment almost di same ting inna di post above dis lol. cuz mi baffled as to a wish fan him a talk

  8. Good Morning Metty, is there a class that I can take to translate this conversation? Jah kno everytime mi a read is bare headache a reach me

    1. mek mi help yu. Frisco is a rapist who love underage girls. him suck all a di red outa di gal pums and now him a tell har how har pums white and stink.
      She help him set up him online account because him drop out of grade one and can’t do it himself. Now him plan fi contact di fbi and file lawsuit because she can access di account weh she set up fi him. She is a soldier and him plan fi get her put out of the U.S navy.
      I think that sums it up.

      1. U summed it up well, lmao…..Mi neva know him illiterate though, not making fun of him again.What i don’t understand is if the gyal puss c smell why did he buss juice inna har raw.One cookie fi him fi nuh deny di yute

  9. Fiasco kid really should be shame. When story first bruk i was likkle amused, now im just disgusted. How old are dese two?

  10. Whata mother of the devil can trace, boy miss Fickizee fry chicken u really tek off u bingo baggie fi cuss u baby mother. As a woman, not even when me take off my panty, man like u cudda see where me put it, much less fi even smell my cratches

  11. U past come back fi haunt u big cratchez gal kisco kid.When Kisco a dj bout rubbers dat mf was not using none.My cousin was a victim to this prey as well but mi na blame him alone.A di bike did frighten har

  12. First of all….I believe that Frisco Kid is a dutty stinking pedophile bumbohole germs. Shit pon di sidewalk pussy. Buttttt…..I don’t believe is him write this. Don’t get me wrong, he might have been sitting there and instructing one of him bitches to trace out di girl claat, but those words sound like them coming from an angry mate or side bitch or hoe or him woman. The person read right ova yasso bout “pussy white and naw no red”, which personally mi tink is just the light from the camera mek it look so cause all when a woman f((k till di pussy drop out, it is impossible to f**k out “red” outta pussy. Dwl. Lmao. But it sound like is a woman write dat (as instructed by Ms Kid. Lol.

      1. Charlene, big up your self and ur baby. It seems this baby is a miracle, considering your health issues. It’s is bad you had you child for this mampala, but rise above the f***kery and nuh engage the animal. Good luck, with your child.

  13. Metty good afternoon u no miss me all so mi good up bloggers!! But mi ova ya but mi no buzzinesss inna cocky fight, but mi have to say sinting pon da one ya freaky kid u Neva know u child’s mom hygiene wasn’t up to date. Freaky kid Mek mi tell u sinting if har mouth stink so is urs if har pussy stink so is u cocky at the end of the nite the scent was breath taking cause oonu Mek baby gwey and go have respect for ur child’s mom and ur child. And ladies and gentle men mi know quarrel no have nothing good to say, but both sexes oonu left out the intimate moment cause it was good once it no look good r sound good who a do who we r all grown we can cuss betta.

    1. Hey mums; it sad pan some people…more time yuh haffe si wid dem cause dem have ah one track mind. people lakka dem yuh nuh wa get too entangled wid cause people ago start class yuh as fidem type…wutliss pussiole him and im gal is :bola

  14. Frisco [Frasko] Kid is out of line really bad. No ratings fi da youth deh. Yuh caan talk to or about a woman like that–to mention, she is the mother of your child or children.

      1. weh di big crotches tell the girl she shape like a condom filled with wata, mi noooooooo. Not even chu-chu mix-up can cuss suh!

        1. it bad doe? mi neva hear dat from mi born bout shape like condom full a like dem u cannot cuss u jus haffi dash panty gi dem because dem have p–sy problem

  15. so met frisco nave auto correct pan him phone? every odda word spell wrong…no sah..him tek dunce to a nedda level..him all add letters weh no belong lol

  16. He is a man scorned and bitter; if I were her, I wouldn’t even dignify that wid ah response…leff im den fe look bad by for his new ooman weh ah try gang up pan the babymadda fe try dun ar…birds of a feather flock together..2 eediat dem..babymadda, sometimes it’s best not to stoop to some people’s trifling level cause dem have summen fe prove and you don’t… :ngakak :ngakak

  17. What a scumbag??. No matta wha him and him babymadda have him should neva deal wid har suh..Who tell dem babymada fi suck dem mumma?, thats u son’s grandmother, u ole daagshit…Dam disgraceful…dis dutty man sick me stomach..

  18. all supn lika fi him kind u stay far from,,,, oh god man wat a disgusting man but this is truly deplorable

  19. That was not nice to read, It was very sad… All I felt while reading it was pain. My other comment is this – if at 15 he started having sex with her then her personal hygiene this many years later (if she does have one) is mostly his fault. Hear me out, he took a prepubescent girl out of the care of her family or care givers the moment he started messing with her in any sexual way. It was his responsibility as a grown man sleeping with her to then teach her what she didn’t know. The fact he is complaining, and now is also highly suspect. Making me think he is either missing that stinky vjay or lying. But either way they need to stop it, now. For the love and respect of their beautiful, innocent child I hope it ends now.

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