Now I’m not trying to bash her hustle I follow her business page on Instagram and thought omg as soon as I get to Jamaica it’s a must try so I was in Jamaica last week on vacation I convinced my friends to go to lunch at crayfish wenzdayzzzz instead of hellshire worst decision ever when we pulled up we couldn’t tell where it was so we asked and found it now for a business like that and the hype on Instagram i was shocked to see the old house that restaurant operates from now my friends are all at this point laughing at me so we parked and went inside this house or restaurant and was so disappointed it was dirty smelly with a need to be refurbished bar we approached her waitress/bartender to order a drink and this young woman was so rude u thought we was begging her attitude stinks just like smell of the establishment at this point we was over it and paid for our drink and left someone needs to give her a wake up call your business is in new Kingston and yes it might look good on IG but the appearance needs plenty work and TRAIN YOUR STAFF and fix your bar and it is a seafood restaurant so do something about the smell all that hype on IG is a waste smh


  1. Crayfish girl is disgusting! I went there once with NY bf and the way she make up her ole ugly face and dash the food Inna the box serve we and anything we ask extra for she say “it done” and walk off.damn disgusting

  2. No one can dispute that

    1. Di place weh she a cook waan fix up
    2. Di food nuh up deh
    3. Customer service poor
    4. Ntn nuh live up to di hype

    A nuh di first nor di second time somebody a come and talk bout crayfish and di business! Everybody mek it clear seh dem nah knock her hustle. But she waan step up di ting!

    Ps. Di money weh tek and buy titi shoulda use and fix up di business place!

    1. LOL! Titi and braces and fayva any ole gyal but the business is shit. Kmt wid her food whe a swim ina gravy, look like bolo slush

  3. Ikr, she needs to invest in her business! if u did a 1 stripper then the fake tits were necessary cause a that a yuh bread and butter but u need fi buy a stove and some nicer plates and ef off wid the cheap mega mart sinting dem. This place is such a disappointment, at least they deliver.

  4. Here is the problem i have with Stacy and I hope she is over here reading:
    Stacy I hope you stop being so nuff and over friendly, you are a nice girl all in all and your business will thrive with the right attitude.
    1. Separate your business from your personal page
    2. either you pave off the place or something, mi like how yuh use the fabric and decorated the walls. thumbs up
    3. yuh need some a the flames under the crayfish to keep the food warm
    4. Get a banner outside the establishment.
    5. fix up the serve area\cook area where you cook the food
    6. get in touch with Minott’s and have them collect the garbage on a daily basis or on the days that the regular garbage truck don’t come. The smell of the seafood is overbearing and stinkkkkkkkk, I had to turn back one day because of this.
    7.Stop run down the instagram boutique yes we are all about supporting Jamaican businesses but we don’t need to know when yuh buy a new boot or frock or when yuh go pon a girls day out. geeze

    I wish you all the best cah yuh have a brand and you are a trying girl but just take some business class and watch how yuh flourish.

  5. Nothing Nuh stawt from top it build from grung up… Duh yuh ting lady an Tek everything weh Dem dash negative pan yuh tie it inna wah positive bag and keeping moving same way… A Nuh everybody ago like yuh…Some a dem a eat from more upgraded place an ppl a shit inna Dem food.

    1. Latty nobody nah come fi stacy in all fairness to the sender, Stacy has been doing this for about 6yrs now if my memory serves me correct. The hype that she puts into fitting in with the TNS boys, Edel and the Jones of instagram. I believe she has a thriving business that will do tremendously, she just need to listen and do all that is required. I for one was turned off going there and smelling the garbage of stinking seafood that look like it was a pile up from the night before. Big turn off and I was to eat outdoors and smell all a that come on, if a did USA health inspector shut her dung long time..period!!!!

  6. The amount of dirty Jamaican restaurants with pi$$ poor customer service that I’ve been to while vacationing in the island is extremely numerous. Most of the restaurants that I’ve eaten at in Jamaica, the food is overrated and whether it be the ambiance of the place or the friendliness of the staff, the experience is always underwhelming. When you take a groupie and give her a business to run, the results always mirror what the sender has stated, which is under-productivity on all fronts. I bet this lady relies heavily on her “bred rends” to support as oppose to aspiring to lasso in new customers and to maintain recurring customer ship. The only restaurant that I’ve consistently gone to in Jamaica and the service, decor and food was usually always A1 is tracks.

    1. I would disagree with you on tracks Cah the food is garbage, but we all have different experience at different times right. But so many persons have the same issue wid crayfish

  7. when selling food your place must be up to par. This place smells awful, i went for lunch one day & turn right back after driving around trying to find the place. kmt i not spending my hard earned cash with her, my co-worker ordered & they delivered the food cold & with no taste smh, never again

  8. She is terrible, not warm & inviting evva a ugly up her face & a act like she a big things. The food was disgustinggggggg, i was so mad how mi hungry & ho deh ho spend me money & get the worst tasting food ever! Mi vex suh till from mi taste di food is like a strictly salt me a eat! I couldnt eat di damn food! I was pissedddd! From that I never ever go back there, when me see di food dem pon instagram mi just kiss mi rass teeth & smh

  9. I have eaten there several times and I liked the food. She just needs to work on the decor/ ambiance etc and just take all these constructive criticisms and try to improve cause it’s a lucrative business. Just remain focus and stop try run down the hype

  10. @anonymous 12:42 in my opinion Tracks and Triple century is trash, they just have a name behind it thats all, they are both basic as hell. Went tracks on Valentines and they only had 3 options on the menu, the waitress was running around going from table to table and man was she counting down to the time of closing.

  11. Best place to eat is CUDDY’Z…best food, service and ambiance from day obe until now.
    I call n ordered from her only once and i hated both z crayfish n z lobster wasn’t done well at allll. Never buy bk again.

  12. Its true…when i went there the place was stink… looks like the garbage wasnt taken out….and she (miss crayfish) was the one with attitude…a long up her face and a hog after the workers…and the place old and bruk down and hard to find….when i called for directions she was getting impatient with me on the phone to find her little backa new kingston spot….

  13. Went there once and was so shocked. Decorations fling on pon tree and not to mention the 2 hungry belly puss dem a stroll tru. Dont forget the mosquitoes. Never again

  14. I when there and by the look at the place I was like hell no not eating there …pics really fool people. ..miss stacy whatever you wanna name please step up

  15. I when there and by the look at the place I was like hell no not eating there …pics really fool people. ..miss stacy whatever you wanna name please step up

  16. Liars!!! I am from over seas and went there and did not have an issue.
    Crayfish you have many enemies. Don’t watch none of these badmind people. I am praying God continues to bless you in front of your enemies.

    Wicked set of dogs!!

      1. She sound like she would fit right in with the smelly garbage,bruk down surroundings, nasty food, stray cats and poor customer service. A dem tings she used to, fi ar version of world class dining.

  17. Bitch @queen Bee if u go there once u think u ago see or experience everything weh we a talk bout up top. Me nuh have time fi hate pon this lady cause her life is very very very sad based on what was exposed about her on instagram wah day. Me a tell u seh me deh a road hungry one night and go spend up mi money & di food was horrible!!! It never edible at all i threw away di whole box a food Cause not even dog woulda nyam dat shit! Kmft everything unnu think people a hate, if me go somewhere and love di food me ago big up di place and recommend it to people! I will not send anyone to tjis place based on MY experience not yours!!!

  18. Ok so I have been there twice. Once I ate and I didnt get to eat the other time bcuz of the attitude. I live in Hartford and go to Jamaica 3 to 4 times a year. I went there once and loved the soy crawfish and curry crab even tho i dont like curry (July 16). It was so good and reasonable that I said this has to be a stop every trip. Fast forward to next trip (Oct 16). So we show up like 3 or 4 pm on a Saturday. (Wanted the crawfish again) I remember this bcuz the attitude we got I thought they were closed and looked to see what time it was. Stacy is very rude. She is very pushy. We ended up leaving without getting food bcuz it seem like we were bothering by trying to order. Still debating if I would like to try again when I go back in March. Went in Dec and didnt even try to go. The food was really good.

  19. Why Stacy nuh come awf a Met page a talk bout ppl bad mind her, bad mind fi wah? She is a psycho stalker who is very frightened and nuff. look how long dem a tell Stacy fi get har private page separate and she still a gwaan wid the foolishness pon the business page. A dat she fi follow Edel and do, all Errice have a business page separate from her personal one. Stacy just dunce and underexposed. When she sees or hear these things bout har businss she say ppl a make up story and badmind, Stacy who want fi bad mind u? U are the billboard for the saying ‘money cant buy class.’

  20. The first time i ordered from crayfish was in June last year. I ordered the conch. When the conch was sent around she took the box from the kitchen staff opened up the box and used her phone to take a pic of it. She then told me $1500. I left her, the box and the picture that day. I know food is pbotographed but not infront of the customer and without their consent. MAD

  21. I went there once and was turned off by the state of the place. I just could not fathom that the establishment did not grow since her two last relocations. I left without the food as it just was not up to par. I, like many others eat with my eyes and if was a definite no no.

    That aside this girls attitude stunk from day 1. No business etiquette. When questioned she acts as if she is being bothered. PLUS, long nails and food don’t work. Annnnnd if you not popular she gives you sub-standard treatment.

  22. She only have time to create fake instagram profile and follow man whey nuh want har and do her body and she still nuh look good , kmt I don’t like her for those reasons, she’s a wicked gyal, I would never eat there anyway

  23. Well let me say i had a similar experience. We left school for a hang out and eat some crab. When we got there, the place was very awful looking. An old abandoned home with a car business at the front, mind you i am not here knock her hustle either, but because of her attitude, which is very rotten, i am doing this… We weren’t the uptown type of IG people, we were real people spending our hard earned cash. We ordered soups and the soup had peanuts in it, we called her attention to it because it did not state that peanut was in the soup and people are allergic to peanuts, her response was “is that all?” nothing else, i was so appalled. The escallian strings hanged on the cups we had to call her servers’ attention to it. At first there was this young lady serving us and we spoke about the dirty cups, and she the server, sent another waitress to our table, we had to ask for a menu as well. When the crabs took long to come the waitress informed us that they had to “hot up the crab and it tek a while” when we went to use the bathroom there was no running water to wash our hands at the time, they had throw water from buckets to wash our hands, she the owner, stayed from one end of the yard shouting asking her waitress if the couple that had left paid their bill, its soo sad i tell you and that rotten attitude of hers is gonna be her downfall

  24. I saw it on IG and i said i will visit when i went down in Dec some police friends of mine and other people said NO that place is not clean and stacy attitude stinks they said they feel like she will spit in ppls food if you mess with her its like she is always angry plus the place STINKS because for days the fish etc cutting is in the garbage an is like she dont want to pay the money for them to get dump so my friends told me not to go there .. because i would vomit

  25. Ppl need to expose her an stop going there because all that catches ppl eyes is what they post on SOCIAL MEDIA . They dont realize that her plAce and food is crap i think she have some man problem she investing her money in man because why would you not invest in fixing the place for your customers blame yourself ppl you all need to stop going there i am gonna tell my friends not to go there anymore

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