Hi mis met good morning mi send in a story pon mis, Lou Wey live a Bronx and sleep out everybody carpet , floor ,sofa and them children bed and then turn around and cuss them this ungrateful gal Wey love chat people and she worthless like dog .all she does is shop lift and then Meck 10 videos pon snap a criticize one girl Wey a work hard and honesty fi her money. The Bronx people them hate her. She on snap a class up people and a ground she sleeping on.

32 thoughts on “MS LOU..DIS IS FI YOU

  1. This nasty worthless gal mis Lou Wey kotch all over love chat people. Borrow clothes, booth and bag mis Lou yuh need fi deport yuh self.mis Lou yuh collect yuh baby disability money every month and give it tuh the security boy Wey nuh want yuh. Mis Lou stop talk bout tesha, and who she f…k because from yuh a teck man nuh man nuh own yuh up .snoop teck 2 f…k of a yuh and duck yuh.footie Wey into her 60’s and yuh a 40 years old and couldn’t teck wey snoop from her. Mis Lou go and learn to read .you and nasty f..k out KerryAnn Wey nuh man nuh want need to go get a job and stop talk bout people. Shamar Wey love nuff up herself KerryAnn nuh like yuh because she talk Sey yuh always a,borrow her black channel bag and yuh a wear her bag more than her so you shamar need fi guh sit down. Yuh nuh si sey Mario nuh want yuh all the attention yuh a try tuh seek from him shamar yuh hole done the twin tammy a lead yuh by far. Beating stick shamar and mis Lou. Mis Lou Tracey yuh niece just buss yuh ass and a police station yuh end up after yuh full a mouth Suh.mis Lou yuh sister little miss hate yuh Suh stop call up her name because yuh chat little mis how she nuh duh nothing fi yuh and a only young boy little miss mine. Guh look yuh own mis Lou yuh a 40 years old with 3 children and 1 grand child yes mis Lou yuh a granny yuh need to get a place to put yuh children and stop kotch from yard tuh yard. Yuh sleep out KerryAnn son them bed , yuh sleep out batty man puchi carpet ,yuh sleep out ugly monkey Sally sofa , yuh sleep out samba living room you, yuh mother and yuh son ,yuh sleep out Andrea ground and mash up her tile pon her floor with yuh tuff body.mis Lou duh better u in america 22 years now and yuh have welfare duh better and stop watch and chat people Wey work hard fi them money .yuh little shit house mis Lou

    1. Gm,thanks for not calling Princess Apple’s name cuz we all know she above all this shyt.Respect n carry on!

      She’s even stop sparring with most of them n move on up like the jeffersons to a deluxe apt in the sky!

  2. A nuh now them careless gal ya a live these dirty lifestyle by the way hear little miss man English did a come out a jail and dem re arrest him for Shawna star man leffock murder the day before him set to release
    These same set including kerryann need to give some people dem space in America them nuh serve no purpose they all love chat people all Dem do is walk and kotch collect welfare theif sell drugs and love put down people whay a live better than dem old idiot dem nuh realized a hard life dem a live to have to look over dem shoulder everyday dem go in the people den store and wonder if dem a come home today set a johncrow dem

  3. Bloodclawwrt that mean seh by miss lou sleeping on the ground mash up tile.. She is a concrete grinder.. No men nah go wife up no concrete grinder fi chu. Unless den a mek money off of it. Theres alot of uneven side walks in the Bronx that need grinding.. Miss lou you have body like that and don’t put it to work. Put in bids fi all those for sidewalk jobs in the city.

  4. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    twenty-two phuck’n years here and ntn are you kidding me..then if she a get SSI she caan put down a thing from dat nd try mek a move a mean her thing is fi wear clothes and bring i back the fact that she has welfare and disability income yah tell mi she caan find a social worker fi help her wid housing nd her paper works and get a work?!?!?!

    1. that’s is why i stated why dont she link a social worker and try sort herself out under having a sick child so she can be here legally ..ppl think is marriage alone can give your residency here she need fi guh look bout that shit too phuck’n careless

  5. Mis Lou harm green everybody house she sleep them say she have green harm and she don’t like to wash r pussy and them say she can’t help r son do is home work

  6. @simplicity a little asthma the baby have but through them a welfare queen them know how fi get every penny out the government and them know every government programs because they don’t want to work .mis Lou nuh want no papers because all she want to do is shop lift. A easy life she and her friends them love. Mi a try get the snap video Wey she a cuss one girl name melloo bout the gal duh construction work and ago dead a clean old people shit .that’s how dunce she is because the girl a work hard and honest to keep roof over her children head and to have money into her pocket.while mis Lou homeless and have no job and fail to provide for her 3 children

  7. Always these careless worthless ppl luv to cuss and class ppl and ppl really frens with this lowlife smfh!! Look at her facial expression while she cursing real hoodrat

  8. mi watch the video with r a cuss a girl and I watch and it don’t find it funny to me and she keep on talk about Meka is unhappy because big Sunday she a call r man Kmar and a cuss say him have a woman so if your friend hold good y she a call r man Kmar about woman and him come a the dinner Saturday late and she a act like him was dare long time stop dirt hold Meka yo thing yo mouth can hold kmar and him dis u in a the car Saturday with your mother rite after the dinner and u come out the car and him leave u with yo mother .

  9. Yo’, I wish the very annoying and seemingly schizophrenic blogger, to whom Met has already spoken about refraining from switching names and commenting a million times, would STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT! You are very annoying!

  10. I want to box the person behind the camera. You must be real idle and nuh have nutten fi do mek you can stand up a video mad people.

  11. Want kind a video Meka going to send in with she a suck Kmar Dick when him come And done f**k the next bitch that him have want u people don’t understand Meka going to always have problem with Kmar because is the way she get him Meka the girl say u must stop call r phone because is not your man alone

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