Met evening!
Stay bad, shape bad mummy remember say u f**k pon Dwayne a dats y him lef u memba say a regular him f**k u after wunuh lef so y as spuddy breed u ready fi war ? And u know u nuh bad mummy remember say who nuh f**k u a who nuh wa f**k u Dwayne did a f*k u cousin mummy u cousin, weh nearly kill U when u go f**k him u can gwaan like somebody to him people dem but u only a fool u self u n stay bad Lisa

Spuddy wi know u love Dwayne but u nuh afi be fool Dwayne nuh stop and him naah stop f**k paa u but look pon u too spuddy a who really a hype u? U nuh have nuh shame or ambition fi a young gal when things did a gwaan fi d man y u neva mek him build a one room? Bout u name baby Dain if a laugh a weak a common man p**y u have spuddy so u nor mummy cya mek one
After so much years mummy need fi let it go wi understand u miss d good life but remember d beating u used to get too but look pon Dwayne wah unuh a cuss ova Dwayne carry him self like a mad man and him bruck suh a buddy nice unuh suh

One thought on “MUMMY OO

  1. Yuh shoulda send een di man pics…..anyways mi hear from good source seh madman or man weh bring dem self like mad man can f**k good…anyway a nuh me seh suh still.

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