**Patrick is the suspected shooter of a young woman yesterday morning*

Hello Met, this is the follow up to the story from yesterday. The object in the picture is being sought by the police in relation to Samantha’s death. Anyone knowing the whereabouts please contact the police, also unno “friends” of the girl who know’s and a keep secret carry on hear, carry on.






  1. Why was she killed do you know Sender ? I am just curious know it will not bring her back and my condolence on the lost of your friend.

  2. @ ispy “clueless af” that’s what everyone is trying to ascertain. Speculations are she was leaving or left him, but I don’t know.

  3. That bastard whatever the reason was does not give him the right to kill this young woman… I hope the police find his ass and give him what he deserves if he resist shoot him dead, his a dead man walking anyways, he want to be a bad man then he will die like a bad man… smfh…. Sorry excuse for a damn man…

  4. Police in St Mary are appealing to the boyfriend of a Manchester woman, who was shot dead on Sunday, May 22 in Castle Gardens in the parish, to urgently hand himself over for questioning.

    The man being sought has been identified as Patrick Moodie, alias ‘Chen’ or ‘Ramas’ of the Mason Hall/Look-Out district. Dead is 30-year-old Samantha Lindsay of Cudleigh District in Manchester.

    According to head of the St Mary Police, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, Moodie is being sought to assist with the investigations into Lindsay’s death.

    It is believed that Lindsay was on her way to visit Moodie at the time of her death.

    “We are also appealing [for anyone] to come forward with any information that they aware of prior to the incident. If you know of any threats made against her (Lindsay) or any confrontations she should have had with anyone, we would want to know that bit of information,” SSP Lindsay explained.

    She went on to explain that from preliminary investigations, Lindsay had been working in St Ann for some time, and had a relationship with Moodie.

    Reports further are that residents heard residents heard explosions at about 9 p.m., in the Castle Gardens area, near to Grants Town in St. Mary.

    The police were seen and Levy was found on the ground with a bullet wound to the head.

    She died at hospital.

    According to SSP Lindsay, the police have not determined a motive for Lindsay’s killing.

    “The death has put a damper on Labour Day activities in the parish as we would not have wanted to be at a crime scene,” she said, while at a Labour Day project at the Oracabessa Police station on Monday morning.

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