I tell y’all stop shopping on FLATBUSH AVENUE and get some exclusive shit I think CANDY NOT UPSET THEM WEAR IT BETTER IT FIT HER WELL AND SHE DRESS IT UP NICE … but you have MAPPIE “diva” with the same dress 3 sizes smaller than what she really wears and the waist trainer popping out somebody get this girl some clothes and better colour lipstick this BLACK isn’t cutting it Halloween catch her 365 days out the year every Friday the 13th is you YOUR THE REAL MVP DIVA

10 thoughts on “MVP DIVA

  1. Lmao Fluffy Diva hate to tell you this but this sender is definitely f**king your man or she’s a friend of whoever teking your man. Ants definitely iinna yuh milk, after yuh stand up over stove every night ah feed Dave. That’s why mi nah fatten nuh cockroach fi fowl. Ah wonder if she be in our wife vs mate party mnl. Well yuh promote getting bun so just deal with it.

  2. Is not where yuh shop sender is how yuh put yuhself together. I for one wear dear and cheap clothes. Me wear from Giuseppe to Carlos shoes. I buy from Barneys to Pretty Girl. Sender where you shop no have nothing fe do wid looking good and dressing. Once you have a sense of style you cya wear just about anything and flop anybody show. As women we need to accept the types of bodies we have and work from there.

  3. Dwrcl you can’t tief a man that want EVERYBODY all the girl she tief Dave from Dave STILL a bun har wid. She know to because she stalking all them pages all a shower her mates with compliments. When you a tief. Tief wisely food alone can’t hold man,and the baby worse naw hold him. Dave love him girl them thick NOT PHAT

  4. So is that one of her competition or what sender talk no man because 2 days straight you got something to say….come say it !?

  5. @anon 8:33 You hit nail right on the head. They don’t know its sense of style carry the look. You can mix high end with low end. A style we seh. Take a look at some of our so call dancehall queens inna name brand. They have no sense of style. Just messing up the people good brand and men it look cheap and dirty.

    1. Sed way so! I for one love wearing designer shoes with simple inexpensive (CHEAP) dresses lol but sometimes me will put on a Valentino heels with a Cavalli pencil dress. Big up Joan River’s fan.

  6. Dis big,ugly and stay bad bitch Fluffy no diva in it feel sey a she alone Dave ave…him no stop pay mi rent and him no stop give mi regular eating so galangal dutty fluffy yup man mouth a toilet…ugly no bloodclaat and shape like ole cardboard barrel…I hate de bitch

  7. Fluffy naked like outta road…mi ave a bag a clothes to bring go salvation army cum c if you find two good suit in deh cuz u need some clothes…

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