Dear Met,

I broke up with my American gf and she being a Christian should take the blame. She read her bible everyd‎ay and im sure there is a scripture warning about being with an uneven yolk.Thursay she told me that she had some great news to tell me so I never forsee how we went Downhill so fast.Met the big news was that her two white frenz were opening a church in Trelawny.The couple had invited her to be an Investor and a Minister and she gushed how it is a Dream come true!

She made the critical mistake of telling me how they did their research and how a church would FLOURISH!Met u know me see red for that word and like a raging bull I lost it.I asked her why she wanna quit her job as a business analyst to come 3rd world country come tek away wi Widow’s mite?I grew up seeing my granma(r.i.p) sending those crooks oral Roberts Money she never have.Can you believe Oral inna Granny’s will and i’m not?‎Mi give it to her and tell her that she and whiteys fi go labbajuice them Mumma…but she never knew what labbajuice nor mumma was so wasn’t really effective.


In her defense she start tell me bout nothing is wrong with preaching the prosperity gospel and is God bless us when we get rich. I checked the scripture and in effect it says it is easier for a camel to pass thru a needle eye than a rich man to go to heaven. Now logically we have never seen or can imagine a camel passing thru a needle eye! It is the equivalent of me saying..for me to kill you,you have to kill me FIRST! Rich ppl nah go heaven then cuz the Bible is saying it is virtually impossible.

She sey all things are possible,so me ask her if it is possible for man to give the breathe of life to man by blowing breathe into him?I remind her that no matter how creative and inventive man get that’s the one thing that separates us from GOD cuz only HE has that power no matter how we clone sheep.‎She still sey yes it is possible and Elijah DiD it!Met I sent u the last message she sent me and as you see all now mi nuh fart pon her,mek she gwaan ya man cuz nobody nah come rob mi countrymen pon my watch!

2 thoughts on “DI EX AND HAR BIBLE

  1. Senda u have me dying wah u seh Oral Roberts inna granny will an u nuh in deh ??? What a libatty tecking eeehh :ngakak :ngakak …a which part a Trelawny dem a come start church now senda because den naw come Rob mi fellow country men eno ….

  2. Send a yuh funny. Not even you who granny see and know but a man a farrin who she only know from t.v get. Hush ah so it go sometime people reap wat them never plant. BTW the needle eye in the Bible is not the sewing one. It’s was actually the shape of the entrance of the city wall leading into the city. It was built that way as a defence against attack, so the men on camels had to leave the camel’s outside the city walls if they wanted to get in. Just thought I would mention that. But write een anytime, the way you tell de story nice.

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