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  1. Me and me babymada nuh deh, a juss cause a di yute dem mek me and har liv still..But me an har nuh deh and she know dat, my girl!!!..@MET, a suh dem wiked and lie and di list goes on..

    1. Til she ping yuh tell yuh differently :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

      1. Baby, mi nuh know how she get yuh numba *if I laugh too hard again an disturve mi household i.e. si :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak…but girls, don’t all men tell the same lie or are Jamaican men more crafty with it??

  2. Me and mi baby madda no deh. She no wah me see me yute. Meck me and you have a yute so me can complete mi fambily. Me Affi live wid my kids, a chu me no wah har she no meck me see me kids. Knowing dam well he could careless if the kids dead or alive. All that matters is the next biotch on his d**k..

  3. She nasty bad, house dutty, car dutty, attitude dutty, she love war ova mi, wi nuh deh nuhmore, she want me mi nuh want har, and blah blah blah LOL!!…and the list goes on and on and on :hammer :hammer, :travel

    1. Dat ah one ting I will say about our community..when dem ready, ah bare cacka fawt dem tell yuh. lie pan toppa liiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee til sometimes mi raily haffe laugh God know LOLOL!!

  4. Unu know last laugh a di bes doe? Wen met ask fi di heap a lie dem weh ooman tell, a hope unu come talk up same way, some a unu soul cudda duh well wid likkle confession rite now loll

  5. yow a mi bed Mi de last night …yu love believe inna ppl. Tell you big foot fren fi go watch ar ugly man a low mi ……Oman: den if you Neva Dede how dem have yu pittcha ….. Yow u si how da goal de evil di gyal go run computer style wen Imi de a my bed a sleep and a dat you call fren ?

  6. Look pan me good and look pan har, u really think seh mi wouldah stick my cane innah dat? babes u really believe wah u a seh, wah u hear dat from, u can come up wid some chupid sinting een? starts to get angry when u seh is true…den here di come back..If u really think dat bout mi babes, mi nuh tink me shouldah deh wid u, mi nuh tink we should be togadah, caz u ah try dis big man. Ah big disrespect dat u zimi. Woman plays it cool, walks ovah to him and shows him a sex video and pics(sent to wife by di beast), wid him and har,he faint,she dash watah innah him face revive him and show it to him again…he faints again..she packs his bags, calls his homeboy and sends him on his way…dwl, joke thing now but then it was not…

  7. Babes mi ago over mi mother yard, soon come back, when a girl a call him phone: ere him nuh a waah dah boy yah call call man phone fah, him think mi luv man and tun the phone pon d face fi hide the name waah cum up!!!! Yuh nuh see the yuh fren gruge yuh cause u have yuh own man and a ppl man she a f#%*&, thats why she a tell lie bout mi have ather woman!!!! Nuh gal caah tek yuh place babe

  8. 1) “Soon come”
    2) “A mi cousin”.
    3)”Mi a rasta man. Mi wudden duh dat.”
    4) ” Mi juss haffi runweh a Florida till di situation cool dung’ Juss a one year ting.” This is what my cousin told his wife in 1979, when he left her in England with the pickni dem. After no contact that didn’t involve collect charge calls, we all thought that he was dead. Di crablouse came back in 2010, a look fi come inna him ex wife house! A ongle di British pension him come back fa.

  9. Them swear on them kids life, you have the proof in your hands and the wicked liad man, say is not him, is a next man that look exactly like him, woooiiiii, them is the worstest.

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