1. Good Mawnin Met and Metters.
    I am very happy they were able to let the family grieve in peace without the long dragout red tapes in Jamaice. But Met you know seh dis is the quickest funeral mi eva see in Jamaica especially of a murdered person..
    Rest in Peace God’s Child. DI wicked Serpent fi hang by him balls cause you just a start learn bout life and him kill you.

  2. She looks really beautiful. Thanks Met, for getting this story out there cuz this is the one place mi hear bout har. RIP, baby girl.

  3. I was just about to say the samething. she looks so at peace sometime you can see the reaction that set on their faces when ppl die but she look like she is at peace and well comfortable! R.I.P young lady

  4. Met, mi hope is not har pedophile Boyfreind pull some strings while he “Gulity “ and want to seems like he innocent by still helping out the family. Nuff a di bad man dem weh teck months fi bury have money overload pluss dem links ah send on from all angles. Not even God coulda meck dem get a speedy funeral dats why mi still baffled. But God nah sleep, if dem teck any form ah help from dis serpent dem is just as guilty of failing this poor Angel even in death.SMH. Lickie LIckie is a sickness weh Jamaica need a cure fa real fass.

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